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3D Printer Control Panel Motherboard New Version Reprap Printerboard / Atmel AT90USB1286-AU - Red

3D Printer Control Panel Motherboard New Version Reprap Printerboard / Atmel AT90USB1286-AU - Red

by Getech
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3D Printer Control Panel Motherboard New Version Reprap Printerboard / Atmel AT90USB1286-AU - Red

3D Printer Control Panel Motherboard New Version Reprap Printerboard / Atmel AT90USB1286-AU - Red

US$27.50 US$59.68 54%OFF 0
Atmel AT90USB1286 Microcontroller (or AT90USB1287 drop-in compatible for 20mhz support) -- Native USB interface. No FTDI serial-to-USB chip! -- 128kb Flash Four integrated Allegro A4982 Stepper Drivers (no Pololus needed) Thermistor Connectivity: 2 2 N-MOSFETs for Extruder and Heatbed control 1 N-MOSFET for low power Fan or motor Onboard SD card slot Four Endstop connectors supplied @ 5V. Includes X, Y, Z, and fourth endstop called E-Stop to be used as an emergency stop, or extruder stop (to be added in firmware). Supports multiple power configurations (Carried from Sanguinololu) ' -- Logic & Motors supplied by ATX or laptop power supply (12-20V 120W minimum) -- Logic supplied by USB bus (if enabled by solder jumper) -- Logic supplied by on-board voltage regulator -- on-board USB connectivity Edge connectors enabling right-angle connections 14 Extra pins available for expansion and development, with the following capabilities -- UART1 (RX and TX) -- I2C (SDA and SCL) -- SPI (MOSI, MISO, SCK) -- PWM pin (1) -- Analog I/O (6) -- JTAG (uses some of the ADC pins) Additional 14 pin header with remaining I/O for prototyping SMT Components sized at 0805, and no QFNs for easier soldering. 2-Layer PCB with proper ground plane and power distribution networks Small design - board is 100mm x 60mm (4" x 2.4") Benefits of this Design Utilizes integrated Allegro 1/16 micro-stepping drivers for smooth operation. Integrated USB controller provides 12MBps bandwidth, instead of usual 38400-115200 baud via FTDI. Result: Virtually no serial communication errors (common with Sanguinololu and Generation_6_Electronics). Integrated micro-SD Card slot Uses small standard Molex connectors for motors, heater, and endstops. Lowest cost and greatest performance of all RepRap motherboards at time of release, March 2012. Software We use CDC bootloard. All preassembled Printrboards come pre-loaded with a bootloader and firmware. You may wish to use alternative (or newer) firmware, modify calibration data for use with another style of RepRap, or perhaps assemble your own board. To use a Printrboard, you will need to load appropriate USB driversrom Windows-only: USB Serial Device[5] o r Windows/Mac/Linux: packaged with Atmel's FLIP software[6]. Compatible Firmware Sprinter Sprinter[7]: Supported, use MOTHERBOARD == 9. Marlin Marlin[8]: No official support yet, but works with Lincomatic's fork[9]. Repetier List_of_Firmware#Repetier-Firmware[10]: Supported, use MOTHERBOARD == 9. grbl List_of_Firmware#Grbl: No official support yet, but works with Lincomatic's fork p=564]. (Other firmwares are currently untested but any firmware for an arduino mega should work with proper pin setup.) Bootloaders There is no native Arduino bootloader for the AT90USB series microcontrollers, however, there is excellent opensource support for the MCU and Arduino integration is easily achieved. LUFA's CDC Bootloader: Allows direct uploading of firmware through Arduino/avrude via avr109 protocol. Requires no driver on Linux/Mac and free INF installer to use the built-in Windows driver, and Arduino 022 with modified Teensylu boards configuration. Avrdude within Arduino directory must also be upgraded to newest version. Limited to 64k flash space by the protocol. LUFA's HID Bootloader: No Arduino integration. No drivers required. Allows firmware to be uploaded by command prompt. Atmel's DFU Bootloader: Factory installed bootloader. No Arduino integration. Allows firmware to be uploaded by Atmel's free FLIP software (Windows only). See Teensylu#Sprinter [12]for Mac/Linux equivalent "dfu-programmer". Installing A Bootloader If you wish to change to a different bootloader, you will need a USBtinyISP [13]or equivalent ICSP or JTAG programmer. Note that USBTiny only officially supports MCU's with less <= 64K flash (the AT90USB1286 is a 128K chip!). Writing will work with a USBTiny, but read verification will always fail. Obtain a compiled bootloader (CDC, HID, or DFU). See Lincomatic's Bootloaders for AT90USB1286 article[14] for pre-compiled copies of each bootloader. Remove the BOOT jumper from the Printrboard. Press the Reset button Connect the 6 pin programming cable to the Printrboard's ICSP header. Pin 1 (red wire) is closest to the SD card slot. Connect your programmer's USB cable. Run the following avrdude commands, where BootloaderNAME_HERE.hex is the name of the Bootloader file you wish to install avrdude -c usbtiny -p at90usb1286 -U lfuse:w:0xDE:m -U hfuse:w:0x9B:m -U efuse:w:0xF0:m avrdude -c usbtiny -p at90usb1286 -U flash:w:BootloaderNAME_HERE.hex:i Replace jumper on the Printrboard. Press Reset again. WARNING: Triple check the fuse values! Setting incorrect values will brick the microcontroller! Fuse values above are for the CDC and HID bootloaders. Fuses for the factory DFU bootloader should be set as avrdude -c usbtiny -p at90usb1286 -U lfuse:w:0x5E:m -U hfuse:w:0x99:m -U efuse:w:0xF3:m

Loading Firmware (Windows) To load new firmware to your Printrboard, first determine which bootloader your board uses. CDC or DFU are most likely. Unlike older AVR microcontrollers, the AT90USB has a special HWB_ALU pin (Hardware Button) which must be tied to ground during a reset cycle in order to place the microcontroller into bootloader mode. This is accomplished by removing a jumper on the Printrboard called "BOOT". Firmware can only be loaded while the chip has booted into its bootloader. Note that on RevD the polarity was changed for the BOOT jumper. To get into bootloader mode and upload new firmware: 1.Remove the BOOT jumper (for rev. d/e replace it) 2.Press and release the Reset button. The AT90USB's bootloader will appear as a new USB device the first time you boot into the bootloader. Allow Windows to install the USB driver and note the new COM port number. 3.Replace the BOOT jumper onto the board (for rev. d/e remove it) 4.Proceed to upload new firmware using the method relevant to your installed bootloader. 1. CDC BOOTLOADER (Arduino Bootloader) In Arduino 022, open firmware 2.Choose [BootloaderCDC]Teensylu/Printrboard from the Arduino Tools-->Board menu, and select the COM port associated with your Printrboard's bootloader. See Lincomatic's How to Program an AT90USB1286/Teensylu/Printrboard with Arduino article[15] for help configuring Arduino. 3.Click File --> Upload to Board. 4.Arduino will compile and upload firmware. You should see an error a few seconds after the firmware compiles. This is because the AT90USB has successfully exited the bootloader. 5. Press Reset. You may need to disconnect and reconnect the USB and power cables.

HID BOOTLOADER 1.Open a command prompt in the directory of the HID application. 2.Compile firmware within Arduino. You will need to copy and paste the compiled .HEX file into the HID application directory. The HEX file is saved in the temp folder, C:\users\{currentuser}\appdata\temp\build1234567890\Firmware_Name_Here.cpp.hex 3.Run the hid_bootloader_cli application, specifying your firmware and an mmcu of at90usb1286. 4. Disconnect and reconnect the USB and power cables.

DFU BOOTLOADER 1.Open Atmel's FLIP software. 2.Select the target device: AT90USB1286. Select Communication medium as USB. Click Open. 3.Compile firmware within Arduino. You will need to copy and paste the compiled .HEX file into the HID application directory. The HEX file is saved in the temp folder, C:\users\{currentuser}\appdata\temp\build1234567890\Firmware_Name_Here.cpp.hex 4.Open compiled HEX file within the FLIP software. 5.Make sure the Erase, Blank Check, Program, and Verify checkboxes are checked. 6.Click the Run button 7.When finished, disconnect and reconnect the USB and powe== r cables.

Loading Fi==rmware (Linux)

DFU BOOTLOADER 1.install dfu-programmer (on ubuntu sudo apt-get install dfu-programmer) 2.compile your firmware as usual with the arduino IDE. (only compile not upload) 3.arduino will create a hex file within the tmp directory. 4.power and connect printrboard 5.set printrboard into boot mode (remove boot jumper, reps after rev.D add boot jumper) 6.press the reset button 7.lsusb (should say 'Atmel Corp. at90usb AVR DFU bootloader') if lsusb says 'VOTI' you're not in bootloader mode 8.sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1286 erase 9.sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1286 flash {path to the hex file in the /tmp} (e.g. sudo dfu-programmer at90usb1286 flash /tmp/build7750901060806024229.tmp/Repetier.cpp.hex) 10.exit boot mode by add/removing (depends on rev.) the boot jumper and press the reset button 11.lsusb should say 'VOTI' 12.connect with your host software and test if the changes have been applied Setup Stepper Motors Connect the X, Y, Z axis, and extruder motors to the matching headers at the top of the Printrboard (X-MOT, Y-MOT, Z-MOT, E-MOT). Headers are 4 wire Molex KK series, part# 0022013047) with 2759 series crimp terminals, part# 0008550101. Motor pinout is: A - Phase 1+ B - Phase 1- C - Phase 2+ D - Phase 2- Endstops Connect mechanical microswitches to the 3-pin Molex headers X-STOP, Y-STOP, Z-STOP at the bottom of the board. E-STOP is reserved for future use. Connect switches as follows: Switch NC No connection Switch COMMON For optos: Signal Output +5V GND Heaters Connect the heating element of your hotend (resistor or nichrome wire) to the 4-pin EXTRUDER header, positioned next to MOSFET Q1. Connect your heatbed to the HOTBED header, next to MOSFET Q2. Polarity here is unimportant; pinout is as follows: Positive Positive Negative Negative Thermistors Thermistor headers are 2-pin Molex headers at the right side of the board, located above the reset button. Connect the heatbed thermistor to the header directly above the reset button. The hotend thermistor connects above the heatbed header. Lower Power Fan A 2-pin Molex header labelled FAN is located on the right side of the board, above the thermistor headers. This optional header can be used to power a fan or other small motor. Generally not used. Board Power All power is supplied through the 4-pin ATX style header at the upper left corner of the Printrboard, labelled PWR. Connect directly to any 12VDC power supply. Ground terminals are closest to the edge of the board (left); 12VDC+ terminals are at right. USB Connect a micro-USB cable to the USB jack at the bottom of the PCB. Note that a jumper should be installed on the "BOOT" pins for normal operation (see Printrboard#Bootloaderslink title). In revision D, the behavior was inverted so that the jumper is only need when using the bootloader. Schematic
Quantity1 piece
Form ColorRed
MaterialCCL+PCB board
English Manual / SpecNo
Other Features
Other FeaturesDescription : Printrboard is a derivative, AT90USB1286 development board was originally based on Sanguinololu of Teensylu. The electronic set Printrboard eliminate the production and function of the shortcomings of the old sets of RepRap electronics. Printrboard improve the previous generation of assembly-level electronics (GEN6) is by adding heatbed and SD card support(Maximum support 2GB), recovery to 1/16 of the Allegro microstepping drive and strengthen connectivity and reliability, reduce costs, eliminate FTDI UART chip. There Printrboard extension header supports I2C, SPI, UART and ADC pin. AT90USB all the extra I / O ports has been broken head prototyping and expansion. Atmel MCU AT90USB1286 USB chip, remove the required FTDI UART (USB Serial) IC. On-chip USB firmware means clustering significantly faster upload time and communication. The baud rate regardless of AT90USB connect any firmware configuration, the serial communication error / break operation is virtually free.. Feature: 1.Atmel microcontroller AT90USB1286 (or compatible AT90USB1287 drop support 20MHz) - Native USB interface without FTDI USB-to-serial chip! - 128kB Flash 2 quaternity Allegro A4982 stepper drive (without Pololus) 3 built-in SD card slot 4 right angle connector edge connector enabled Package Includes:
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions 4.72 in x 3.23 in x 0.87 in (12 cm x 8.2 cm x 2.2 cm)
Weight 1.52 oz (43 g)
Packing List
1 x Reprap Printerboard

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