What Highlights Will Android 11 Bring to us ?

By Lance 2020-03-13

Google has recently issued ‘’preview version” of Android 11 system. It has been said that Google previously announced the release timeline: the first developer preview version was released in Feb, the second in Mar, and the third in Apr. Until May, the first Beta 1 version of Android 11 will be released, and the official version will ultimately come out around in Sep. so now, what we can know about the modifications of Android 11. Please keep reading on:

Android 11 comes with a buntch of hotpots that mostly users care about.

1. Optimized the 5G network experience. The new system will bring a lower latency network to Android devices. Google has added a new dynamic metering API and bandwidth estimator accelerating network speed

2. Optimize for holed and curved screen, especially for large curved screen phones like Huawei Mate30 Pro. The modifications are mainly in volume control and screen false touch rate.

3. Improve application compatibility. No matter which version upgradded, application compatibility issues seem to be inevitable for manufacturers. However, Google will make more developer-friendly changes at the system tier in Android 11.

4. Modify the privacy and security permission options, Swap “Agree” and “Refuse” out to “Only one time” ” Permitted when using ” and “ Refuse ”.

As for other respects, Google has also optimized the reverse charging, long screenshot, flight mode and other functions of the Android 11 system. Furthermore, Google will addtionally infuse  the power button more functions, such as one-click to wallet function option including driver ’s license and other documents in the wallet.

It temporarily need us to keep await, According to Google ’s regulation, the official Android 11 version will be pushed to Google ’s own-brand phones firtstly, and other phones will also need to adapt the new system which will take longer.

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