5 Way to Know a 4K TV Is Real or Fake

By Lance 2020-03-18

With the development of technology, the TV industry has also undergone tremendous changes. Last year it achieved the crazy 8K TV. However, 8K TVs are generally high in price and coupled with 8K TV Play/moive source issues, The popular one should still be 4K TV. However, the price gap between 4K TVs on the market is fairly large. Are they all true 4K TVs? How can I buy a real 4K TV? Let me tell to you today ~

What is 4K TV?

4K TV is an ultra-high-definition television that corresponds to 4K display standard(3840×2160). A cinema screen integrated with 4K tech can readily ensure any audiences on any seats the details of each single image. Compared with Full HD 1920 × 1080, 4K resolution images have a stronger visual impact, and the fineness and clarity of the picture are all higher than Full HD. During the process of watching TV Can bring more realistic and impressive picture experience.

What standards does 4K TV should fulfill? The 5 answes below are rightly to help you recognize a true 4K TV

1. Whether the Display is 4K Ultra HD

A 4K TV must be adorned with a professional 4K screen with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 and 8.294 MP. If the parameter is lower than this figure, then it must be basically cheat us

2. Whether it has a 4K Decoding Chip

To ensure the 4K image quality of the video source, transmission and display process , the requirements for TV processors are even higher, and Only the TV equipped with professional 4K Decoding Chip can guarantee the UHD video

3. HDR High Dynamic Contrast

At present, Part of the selling points are HDR High Dynamic Contrast. this is virtually one of the current true 4K standards. HDR High Dynamic Contrast can effectively improve the image quality and bring more stunning scene effects. While improving the contrast, intelligently adjust the brightness of the screen area and the color gamut to more extraordinarily exquisite picture details.

4. HDMI2.0 Data Transmission

HDMI 2.0 is a curial part of data transmission, so whether it is a playback device or a display output device, it must support HDMI 2.0 to be a complete true 4K output. By comparion to the former 1.4 version, the main merits of HDMI 2.0 is that the bandwidth is doubled, and the former 4K / 30Hz output is multiplied to 4K / 60Hz.

5. To recognize 4K Via RGB 3-color

If you see the"RGBW" in instruction manual, then it must be a fake 4KTV.

Or you cam jsut take a photo with your phone close to the TV screen, you will see Red, Green and Blue (RGB ) The three colors are arranged in order. This is a true 4K screen. If you find the extra White (W) beside the RGB, then you have very likely bought a fake 4K TV.


In shortly, The way 1 and 5 are much easier to help you with it. Certainly, there might some awful

manufactuers dare to cheat comsumers by parameters trick, So it would be a better way to choose a solid brand

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