Flip your Huawei Mate 30 Pro to mute calls

By Nalan 2020-01-15

Got a minute? Learn these volume shortcuts

The Mute ringtone feature allows you to flip your phone to mute incoming calls, which can be especially useful when you are in a meeting or quiet environment.

Go to Settings > Smart assistance > Shortcuts & gestures > Mute ringtone/Reduce volume. Here you can:

Enable Mute ringtone, so you can flip your phone to mute the ringer and stop incoming calls from vibrating.

Enable Reduce ringing volume, so you can pick up your phone to reduce the ringing volume of incoming calls.

Where are my volume buttons hiding?
Don't worry, we're holding on to them for you.

Double-tap the side of your screen, just above the Power button, to display the virtual slider at the edge and the in-screen volume bar. Slide up or down with your finger on the virtual slider to adjust the volume.

Customize it

Open Settings, and go to Sounds & vibration > Volume control gestures, to choose where the virtual slider appears.

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