Why My HUAWEI SoundX Speakers Cannot Connect Network?

By 2020-02-12

When you use HUAWEISoundX smart speakers, you may encounter questions about networking. The following answers may help you.

Popular Question:

1. What network types does the speaker support?

The speaker currently supports 2.4G / 5GWLAN networks and mobile hotspots.

Note: Currently, WLAN networks that require authentication, such as enterprises, hotels, airports, and campuses, are not supported.

2. Can the network connected to the speaker be connected automatically next time?

When the name and password of the last connected WLAN network have not changed, the speaker will automatically connect to the last connected WLAN network, otherwise you need to reconnect. 

3. Can the speaker be connected to the Internet using a mobile phone hotspot?


1)Please turn on the hotspot of a mobile phone, connect your phone to this hotspot and pair with the speaker to use.

2)Open your own mobile hotspot and configure the network for the speaker.

4. Do I need to reconnect the network after plugging in the power adapter?

When the name and password of the last-connected WLAN network did not change, the speaker will automatically connect to the last-connected WLAN network after plugging in the power adapter again, otherwise you need to reconnect.

5. How to re-configure the network after changing the network name or password?

1) Press and hold the mute button until the ring light turns on gradually until it blinks orange and then release.

2) Go to Al Speaker App> Music, click on the top left corner to add speakers, and complete the network configuration according to the interface prompts. 

6. How to re-distribute the network without unbinding the speakers?

Connect the Wi-Fi network you need for your phone. Open the Al Speaker App.

If your phone is not connected to a WLAN network, you can also turn on your phone ’s data traffic and hotspots to use your phone ’s hotspot to configure the speaker network.

Please press and hold the speaker mute button until the ring light turns on gradually until it blinks orange, then release, and enter the state of waiting for network distribution. Click the icon on the top left corner of the app's music audio interface page, select Add Speaker and follow the interface prompts to set it.

Or click “Me” in the speaker selection bar at the top, swipe to add device and click.

Click the orange light at the bottom of the interface has flashed, and start networking.

Follow the app prompts to turn on the phone's Bluetooth.

After Bluetooth is turned on, the phone will automatically search for nearby speakers that can be connected, and select the speakers you need to connect.

Enter the WLAN password that the phone is connected to, and click Next to start the network configuration.

Wait for a few seconds until the magic ring light turns on and the speaker prompts that the network is connected ", then the speaker is re-configured successfully.
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