Xiaomi Youpin Wellsmart Desktop Spray Fan: 5-level Speed, 2-level Spray, Night Light

By 2020-06-11

Xiaomi Youpin has launched a Wellsmart Desk Spray Fan.This small fan with low cost and good price, only 69 RMB. It combines fan + spray humidification + night light function.

Xiaomi Youpin Wellsmart Desktop Spray Fan: 5-level Speed, 2-level Spray, Night Light

Xiaomi Youpin Wellsmart Desktop Spray Fan

Ultrasonic atomization technology

1-stage continuous spray, 2-stage intermittent spray. Touch switch, adjust the amount of mist according to your need. Using ultrasonic atomization technology, aerosol and light wind are combined to make the wind carry a moist atmosphere.
Wellsmart Desktop Spray Fan Atomization

5-level wind speed, light tone and low noise

5-level wind speed can be adjusted at any time. Five-petal hydrodynamic fan blade design, strong power DC brushless motor, light sound and low noise.

Soft night light 

The night light is warm and yellow, not dazzling, and will be with you all night. Soft light night light + gust mode is comfortable and refreshing
Wellsmart Desktop Spray Fan Night Light

Anti-drying design, 350mL large capacity water tank

The circuit board is separated from the spray design to prevent the circuit board from being damaged by moisture, and the power will be cut off immediately without water to protect your safety.

Built-in 2000mA battery for strong battery life

Fan mode 2-8h, spray mode 5-8h, fan + spray mode 1.5-4h


Product name: wellsmart desktop spray fan
Color: Ivory
Product model: QW-F10
Water tank capacity: 350ml
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Input voltage: DC5V/800mA
Spray volume: 40-60mI/h
Accessories: data cable, desktop spray fan, manual
Material: ABS/PP/G silicone electronic components
Interface type: USB MICRO
Product size: 110*131*217mm
Product weight: 391g
Executive standard: GB4706.27-2008/GB4706.1-2005
Certification: ROHS, CE

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