5 Tips to Opt for Better HDMI Cable

By Lance 2020-03-04

The HDMI is currently mainstream interface . It can also transmit audio at the same time as transmitting video, and maintain high image quality while transmitting videos of different resolutions. At present, TVs, set-top boxes, computer graphics cards, monitors and other devices on the market are equipped with HDMI interfaces. So, to choose a better HDMI cable should be careful a little bit.

1. Confirm HDMI Version

1.4 version (2.0 Version better) at least that can support 4k , which is more conducive to home HDTV, and supports 3D effects. When building a 3D theater, don't forget to select the 2.0 version of cable to have high quality better effects. Plus, latest 2.0 version is much better in transmission fluency

2. Keep an eye on the Interface

Confirm the size of the interface. The width of microHDMI is about 6mm. The standard interface is HDMI (type A),  the width is about 14.4mm.

3. Length does not always means better

Typically, the optimal transmission distance is 7 meters around. Signal amplifiers are usually required for HDM lines over 20 meters.

4. Don’t use a thin HDMI cable

Regardless of the brand, A slim HDMI cable is definitely not ideal (The signal will shrink owing to the thin diameter ). The material of the core and the thickness of the shielding layer have a great relationship to the signal quality. Slim cable must have "shrinked" the core and the shielding layer. So buy the thicker one

5. 24K Gold Plating Interface is Superior

24K gold plating interface that can effectively solve poor contact after multiple plugs, so as to avoid signal loss, Try a plating one


If you really don’t know what to choose, The best way is to buy among famed brands such as CE-Link, Ugreen, Anker, Baseus etc. Generally, those excellent manufactuers have the top quality and warranty guarantee for you

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