How to manage special access permissions for apps on Huawei Honor 20 Lite

By 2020-04-13

Worried about that third-party apps obtain too many important permissions and disclose your personal information? Here we’ll tell you how to customize app permissions to help you to use your phone your way.

After an APP is installed, many Huawei Honor 20 Lite users allow all the permissions that the app asks for without thinking. However, sometimes some of these permissions are totally irrelevant for it, for example, a camera app asking the permission for making calls or a banking app asking the permission for using the camera. For those optional or irrelevant permissions, we can disable them manually.

Set App Permissions
Want to deny unwanted permissions? Open Settings > go to Apps, select the app and tap Permissions on the App info screen and then enable the wanted permissions or disable the unwanted permissions.

Special Access Permissions
In addition to those common permissions, there is another type of permissions, called special access permissions, such as Battery Optimization, Do Not Disturb and Modification of System Settings. These special access permissions can be centrally managed, such as allowing battery optimization, prohibiting certain applications from reading application notifications in the notification bar, and prohibiting certain applications from modifying system settings.

Check and Modify Permissions
Want to check which apps are allowed important permissions? Go to Settings > Apps > Permissions, select the Permission you want to view, and enable or disable this permission for certain apps.

Warm tip:
Disabling a permission may cause an app function to become unavailable. For example, if the location permission for a map app is disabled, the app will be unable to provide you with location and navigation services.

Hope this post will help some one.

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