Handheld Leafless Fan: A New Product Comes From Xiaomi Crowdfunding

By 2020-06-04

Xiaomi Youpin Handheld Leafless Fan combines leafless safety, strong wind and low noise, beautiful and portable, and long-lasting battery life. The retail price is 69 RMB, and the crowdfunding price is only 39 RMB.

Xiaomi Stylish Leafless Fan

Handheld Leafless Fan: A New Product Comes From Xiaomi Crowdfunding

Compared with the conventional hand-held fan, the biggest feature of the fanless hand-held fan is that it has no blades, a minimalist design, and elegant long hair without worrying about winding the fan blades.

The 7-wing oblique flow impeller is used at the bottom, and the air that enters the inside forms a high-pressure air flow, which is pressurized again through the air guide vane, and is pushed to the air outlet at a wind speed of up to 7.52m/s.
Xiaomi Leafless Fan Air Flow
Its "U-shaped" super large air inlet provides sufficient air volume, reduces motor power consumption and working sound, and effectively controls the source of noise. Sophisticated internal design keeps the modules in the handle running coaxially, and the high-pressure airflow passes silently.

It is 19.5cm long, 6.9cm long, and 5.7cm wide. The small size can be easily carried in a handbag or pocket.
Portable Xiaomi Leafless Fan
The fan operation sound is controlled within 55dB, which is quieter. Also It has a built-in 2000mAh battery, which can work up to 10 hours.
Xiaomi Leafless Fan batteryXiaomi Leafless Fan battery

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