Xiaomi Colorful Mini Backpack Hitting the Mi Fan Festival

By Greg 2020-04-08

The 4.3-4.10 is the annual Xiaomi Mi Fan Festival, A great deal of goods is coming to a special discount for massive Mi fans. Besides the electronics like phones, wearables, earbuds etc, there are also many sorts of related Mi products to choose. Xiaomi rolled out a Mini backpack 3 years ago, Surprisingly this small bacpack has continually acquired the sales champion of mini backpack sort in China. Additionally, the colorful mini backpack 10L has also once received the remarkable favorite in ES Asian, such as Bangladesh, Singapore, Philippine etc. According the Xxiaomi official data, the bacpack fullfilled considerable sales of 5 million.

So, why can Xiaomi small backpack be hot in different regions? That’s easy to figure it out:

1. Super inexpensive - the Xiaomi colorful mini backpack 20L has only a price at $11, the 10L and 7.5L

certainly should be much cheaper. And the sales champion is right the mini backpack of 10L

2. Minimalism - it is one of the mainstream aesthetic styles. Generally, this kind of items come with sheer

colors, agreeable stripes or aligned geometry forms that looks very comfortable and adorable and can easily

arouse people’s desire to possess.

3. The power of brand - as more and more comsumers begin to opt for Xiaomi, the related products besides

electronics will definitely get more extensive attention.

We can have a brief glance at this Xiaomi mini backpack 20L


The first impression is right neat and simple, you can choose anyone from the 4 available color variants. When it comes to colors, everyone has its own favorite color. A color can be a sort of mood, Plus, the pure-color implies that you can choose the eligible colors to match your personal style, and coordinate the color with what you wear. Also, this amusing color match suits for friends and couples as well.

Substance & Capacity

The Mi mini backpack has noted its water-resistance that can make you free from the ordinary rains or a short water-plunging, that all is because of the polyester material which has excellent quality to resist water. Needless to say, the backpack built-in 20L of volume, How big is 20L ? You can easily pack in a tablet as well as water bottle including daily stuffs like books, phones, cosmetics etc, though we know it seems so compact.


It has been said that the Mi backpack was positioned as a urban backpack which means it has a great street style. Imagining you and your lover or fellow walk side by side with this cute backpack of multiple colors. That outght to be wonderful experiences. Of course this mini backpack can also cope with multi occassions like beach, sightseeing etc.

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