What is WiFi+ and how to use it on Huawei and Honor devices

By 2020-04-15

Do you still have to turn WIFI OFF or ON manually when you leave or go back home? Do you still have to manually switch to the mobile data network when the WIFI network is not available? Enable WLAN+ now and say goodbye to these tedious operations!

All Huawei and Honor devices running on EMUI 4.0 or above support WLAN+ feature, which seems ordinary, but in fact it is very practical. Here, we'll let you know as fully as possible what WLAN+ is and how to use it.

What functions does it have
1. Select the best network connection intelligently according to the signal strength of WLAN network and mobile data network (you can select the Default Switch Method in mobile network settings);
2. Automatically turn on or off the WLAN network at a specific location according to the connected WLAN network records;
3. Automatically evaluating the network quality of the connectable hotspots according to the online experience, and suspending the automatic connection for the saved hotspots that is not available;
4. Automatically select the optimal network: When the current WIFI is unavailable or its quality is relatively poor, WLAN+ function will scan other nearby wireless AP (Wireless Access Point, such as wireless router) with good signals, then compare the scanned AP with the currently connected AP, and select a better quality connection.

How To Enable
Take Huawei Honor 9X as example:
Go to Settings > WiFi > More WiFi settings > Turn WiFi+ toggle on

Use Restriction
The usage restrictions for different functions of WLAN+ are also different:
Use restriction of function 1:
Limited by the signal strength of the network at the current location;
Connectable WLAN networks include: successfully connected WLAN networks and free WLAN networks.
Use restriction of function 2:
WLAN must be a network that has been successfully connected before.

Matters Needing Attention
1. WLAN+ can turn on or off WLAN automatically only when WLAN is off. If you turn on WLAN manually, WLAN will remain on all the time.
2. After WLAN+ is turned on, even if the WLAN has been turned off manually, the device will automatically switch to the WLAN network when it detects that the best network is the WLAN network that was successfully connected before. To disable automatic switching to WLAN network, go to Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile network > Advanced, and turn on Always Connect Data Service

3. WLAN+ may automatically switch to the mobile data network due to the signal strength of WLAN network and the location of device. Additional fees may be incurred when downloading and viewing large files such as videos using the data service network, so please choose a reasonable traffic payment method to avoid excessive traffic fees.

Hope this post will help some one.

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