Voyager Notebook with Deformable Keyboard Released by Compal

By Miamia 2020-02-10

Nowadays as notebooks are getting smaller, along with narrower screen bezel, what they offer users are better visual experience and stronger overall portability. However, under the limited smaller size, it brings severe tests as how to design the keyboard of the notebook.

Currently, to solve the problem of the comfort usage of the keyboard on a compact notebook, the notebook ODM Compal has launched a notebook - Voyager with deformable keyboard that is similar to the classic ThinkPad 701 "butterfly notebook" keyboard.

Voyager notebook is designed to be portable, compact and lightweight. It beholds a 12.5-inch screen with a micro-bezel design on the three sides of the screen, which is actually equivalent to the size of a regular 11-inch laptop. In addition, the body is made of all-metal material, and the screen supports 360 degree rotation, providing a variety of usage modes.

This notebook's killer feature is the keyboard design. When you unfold the keyboard, the keyboard will be deformed accordingly. It will be divided into two parts and rotate 90 degrees, then they will be combined together. The advantage of this design is that a regular 13-inch notebook's keyboard can be placed on a 11-inch notebook, which can ensure the compact body, more than the keyboard keys feel.

Deserved to be mentioned, when the keyboard is completely merged, we can see that there is still a certain angle (similar to some separate keyboards). This design can provide a more comofortable experience and relieve wrist & shoulder fatigue.

By the way, Voyager won the IF 2020 Design Award. It's reported that the design and development took 13-24 months overall.

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