How Long can a 3M mask last? How to Extend service life of Masks ?

By Lance 2020-04-11

Many of us may be not clear about the service time of 3M masks, so how long can the 3M masks last on average? Can 3M masks be washable or how can i extend its service life ? Let's take a close look at it together.


In normal cases, a 3M mask can be used for 3-7 days. Specifically, the masks without respirators can be used for 2-3 days and the masks with respirators can be used for up to a week, but, it overall depends on the virtual pollution/contamination your masks suffer from. The usage time of the 3M mask will be shortened by the terriblly insidious germs contamination, and duser may need wear a mask in time according to the actual situation.

>> When Should I Swap a new 3M mask?

1. The particulate matter absorbed by the mask is too high, and the wearer obviously feels that breathing is much harder

2. Some parts of the mask are damaged, for example, the headband is broken, the mask body is damaged and deformed, and the nose clip is off.

3. The mask is contaminated, such as the internal liquid splash, contact with the suspected patient, it all should be warning seriously.

4. Plus, there will be some health problems(odors, germs) when wearing a mask for long-term. It has been suggested to replace one mask in 2-3 days.

>> Are 3M masks be Washable?

3M masks cannot be washed. The masks after rinsing can not be used again. the filtering ability will be disabled. Actually, most of masks including N95/KF94/KN95 and disposable masks are not washable

>> How can I extend the service life of my masks?

Best ways:

>>Dry-heat sterilization: place your masks in the disinfection cabinet with temperature no less than 56°C for 30mins (Don't use microwave oven that may cause fire)

>> UV lights sterilizer: one of the most powerful solutions to tackle various germs. (Tips: try to avoid direct shining by UV lights, we introduced UV lights here)

>> Mask Filter Paper(disposable pad): It can block the humidity produced by breath-out and decrease the static fading of mask filter layer. (If you are really in a hard situation, Just use a tissue wrapping over both sides of your mask, it will work though)

Secondary ways (may disable your masks )

>> Use a food steamer for 30 minutes, 20% odds that the mask will no longer meet the N95 test standard.

>> Spray with 75% alcohol for sanitzing, 70% odds it will make the mask no longer meet the N95 test standard

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