Frequently-Asked FAQ about Xiaomi Mi Air 2s TWS Earbuds

By Miamia 2020-04-27

We've compiled some frequently asked questions about Xiaomi Air 2s TWS earbuds to help you fully understand its features.

Xiaomi Air 2s

1. What's the difference between Xiaomi Air 2s and Air 2?

Compared with Mi Air 2, Xiaomi Air 2s has made brand-new upgrades with lower latency, longer battery life and more stable binaural synchronous transmission. For more details, you can check this post.

2. What are the advantages of Xiaomi Air 2s compared to mainstream TWS bluetooth earbuds on the market?
Xiaomi Air 2s deeply optimizes the LHDC Bluetooth decoding and hardware, greatly reduces the sound delay to ensure the synchronization of sound and picture, and comprehensively enhances the entertainment audio-visual experience.

3. How is the Air 2s battery life?
The xiaomi headset can be used alone for 5 hours, and when used combined with charging case, it can last up to 24 hours.

4. Does the Air 2s charging box support wireless charging?
Support. The charging box is compatible with Qi standard wireless charging protocol.

5. Does Air 2s support LHDC encoding?
Support. The Xiaomi Air2s supports LHDC 3.0, which could offer high quality audio experience. This feature is only available for bluetooth-enabled devices that are compatible with LHDC3.0. Currently mobile phones supporting LHDC3.0 include Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, K30 Pro, and other models will be supported after MIUI update!

6. How to wake up the voice assistant of Xiaomi Air 2s?
Tap on the left headset twice to wake up the voice assistant, completely free your hands, super convenient.

7. Does Xiaomi Air2s support ENC environment noise reduction technology?
Support. The Air2s uses noise reduction technology for dual microphones, which can effectively reduce the surrounding noise and ensure HD call.

8. Does Air2s support smart popup window?

Support. Currently Air2s smart pop-up window compatible models include Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, K30 Pro, and other models will be supported after MIUI update.

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