Power-saving Skills for Xiaomi Wearable (Mi Band 3/4 NFC Etc)

By Lance 2020-03-16

Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Mi Mi Band 4, Mi Mi Band 4 NFC are all similar, you can try the following settings to see if you can achieve power saving effects.

1. Get your Mi Band to the best status


2. Restore back to the factory settings. Example: Mi Band 4: Slide up and down on the dial surface, to find more click to enter click settings in the bottom, the factory settings


3. For Xiaomi mobile phone users, open the Xiaomi Assitant (usually on the desktop, or desktop folder), click Application Management, find the Mi Fit App enter, Scroll down, wipe out the data


4. Mi Band Function Explaination and Suggestion:


Dial setting: (Using this function, frequent transmission will drain battery fastly )

Bus Card: (usually two or three times a day, no problem)

Door Card simulation: (Don't play addicted emmm…)

Screen unlock: (This function is quite useful, energy-saving, that’s alright to keep it on )

Incoming call alert: (too much phone call will quickly steal away your battery )

Heart rate monitor: (This costs energy a lot, you can use it a little less)

Event reminder: (?)

Mi band alarm clock: ( Not suggest, just use your phone alarm)

App notification: (don't keep going ff too frequently)

Sedentary reminder: (It’s okay)

SMS reminder: (it’s okay)

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