Xiaomi Youpin Digital Calendar: Save Your Hassle of Buying Paper Calendar Every Year

By Miamia 2020-03-23

Are you troubled by buying calendar at the end or beginning of every year? Here comes the intelligent digital calendar from Xiaomi Youpin.

Currently, Xiaomi Youpin released a new generation intelligent electronic calendar at price of 299RMB. It packs plenty of attracting features, including eye-protection E-ink screen, a variety of mainstream calendars supported, built-in Pomodoro Technique and schedule reminder.

This smart calendar beholds a 5.83-inch large E-ink screen with dot-matrix display array, which makes the screen display more similar to the printed text, minimizing eyestrain. And you may have known that, the E-ink screen is normally used in Ebook reader to offer you the paper-like visual experience, for reducing the damage to eye sight, as the Kindle does.

And this calendar indeed appears to be like a Kindle. It's made of ABS + PC materials, coupled with ceramic fire pattern, which is environmentally friendly, and has aesthetic appearance as well. It's neither too large nor too small. The back is attached with a kickstand, aided by non-slip silicone pad at the bottom, allowing the calendar to be safely placed on the desk, bedside table and other flat surfaces. A great decoration for home, office, kitchen, etc.

The Xiaomi Youpin digital calendar is widely compatible with a heap of calendars, including one-way calendar, ZhiHu calendar, Chinese almanac and more. (Only supports Chinese display for now). Users can switch the calendar channels as they wish.

More importantly, this electronic calendar has built-in Pomodoro Technique that is a simple way to stay focused while you work. You set a To Do List, then concentrate on work for 25 minutes until the timer goes off. Take a break when the timer rings, then work on another task. Every time you complete a task, there will be a tomato count displayed on the screen. It can greatly improve your work efficiency and let you say goodbye to procrastination. Plus, it's equipped with a buzzer to keep you remind of taking medicine and drinking water. Of course, you can also set the data countdown and schedule reminder, such as the college entrance examination countdown, birthday / anniversary reminder.

Powered by 4 x AAA batteries, the digital calendar is very power saving. And it has low power icon to remind users under low battery state.

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