Have You Used 6 Hidden Utility Functions of OPPO Mobile Phone?

By Yi 2020-01-19

Hi,good friends,are you using OPPO mobile phone?Do you really understand it that is full of mystique in your hands?In fact,there are six hidden function full consideration of practicality for you to explore and play,at the moment,I guess that you would be curious about it,don’t worry,please follow me to try to figure everything out.

-Smart Screen(identifying text or images to get related information)
This is a function that is very suitable for users to find information. When identifying text or images, it will quickly provide you with relevant addresses, food, express delivery, film and television, etc. It can be said that this method of finding information is convenient and practical.
Setting method:Settings-Smart convenience-Smart screen

-Twins-like Application (support logging in to two accounts at the same time)
A mobile phone cannot log in to two accounts at the same time, but after using the application avatar, you can easily do this, which in many cases is convenient for us to deal with some things, and will not affect each other,very practical with great convenience.
Setting method: Setting-Twins-like application

-Real Acoustic Technology
For some friends who are more concerned about the sound quality, don’t waste the“Real Acoustic Technology”feature. It can help you restore the sound details completely, create a spatial stereo field, and bring users the immersive experience.
Setting method: Setting-Sound and vibration-Real acoustic technology

-Application Split Screen
A mobile phone handles two things at the same time. In this case, we usually use the split screen function of the mobile phone. When watching a video, you need to reply to the message. Then you can use the split screen function to reply to the message while watching the video. In daily life,it also brings great convenience to users.
Setting method: Setting-Application Split Screen

-Undisplayed-Screen Clock
Today, there are far fewer people wearing watches than before. Nowadays, people basically use their mobile phones to watch the time, but do they still press the power button to check the time on the phone? In fact, using the " Undisplayed-Screen Clock" function allows the phone to display the time and date even when the screen is undisplayed state, making it easier to check the time.
Setting method: Setting-Application Split Screen

-Black Screen Gesture
What can I do with my phone in the screen? OPPO mobile phone's"Black Screen Gesture" function gives you a lot of operations, double-click the screen to brighten the screen, draw "O" to start the camera, draw "V" to start the flashlight, and convenient music control. You can even add a black screen gesture yourself. Is not very user-friendly setting?
Setting method: setting-smart convenience-gesture somatosensory-black screen gesture

In conclusion,there are six practical function with convenient operation,which can make you enjoy unique experience,action is better than thinking.

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