Common Update Issues About EMUI System of Huawei Phones – Section 2

By Lance 2020-01-17

As we noticed that more and more issuses bother Huawei EMUI Users constantly when every time system upgrading/updating, there are always something to be failed, That’s really upset. So we just right list some common issues that may solve your EMUI Updating problems.

>> Case 1: The update was downloaded successfully. After restarting your phone, the system was directly entered but not upgrade installation interface. Moreover, the notification bar indicates that the previous upgrade failed.

• This phenomenon will occur with rare probability. Please download and try to upgrade again.
• If the case persists, you need to back up your data in advance and go to a professional phone repair center

>> Case 2: The download of the upgrade package is successful, but the upgrade package verification fails

Source: The download of the upgrade package is not completed immediately, and the upgrade installation interface will prompt an upgrade failure because the upgrade package installation module limits the number of upgrade packages. When the number exceeds 10, an exception occurs. Protection, default upgrade failure directly.

Solution: After your phone installing failed, go to Settings> System> Software Update (System Update) and click to detect the new version and download and install it to solve the problem.

Case 3: Repeated Restart when Phone Upgrade Finished

Source: During the upgrade process, due to system power failure (such as: long press the power button), the installation fails, which will cause it failing to boot normally and restart repeatedly.

• Long press to power button, the phone will restart after forcibly restarting
• Connect your phone to a computer with USB data cable. When your phone is turning off, Simultaneously press “ volume + “ button and “ power button “for about 15 seconds to enter the Huawei system recovery (eRecovery) mode, click to download the latest version and restore> Download and Restore, the system will start WLAN and searching for available hotspots. After selecting and connecting to available WLAN hotspots, the system will automatically obtain the installation package information and download it. After the download is complete, the system will automatically upgrade and install. After the upgrade is successful, the countdown will automatically restart and enter the main system.

Note: Under normal circumstances, this operation will not cause data loss. ERecovery only deletes data in the following situations:

① The data partition is severely damaged and cannot be used

② The user unlocks or flashes the machine

③ The memory space is insufficient and there is no A suitable external SD card is available and the user agrees to delete the data

• Connect the computer via USB and download Huawei Mobile Assistant (Hisuite) for repair (it will clear user data)
• Without USB connection, press and hold the volume up button + power button until the start-up screen appears, release it, enter the Recovery interface, and choose to restore the factory settings (the user data will be cleared)
• If the above methods still do not solve the problem, you may need go to the professional repair center

We also did the other FAQ about Huawei EMUI System Update, Click to read on: Common Update Issues About EMUI System of Huawei Phones – Section 1

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