Bon Appétit: 5 Breakfast Makers Make Cooking Easier In The Morning

By Chen 2020-03-06

The breakfast is something that is most important for you to start a good day. Then how to make a good and quick meal in the morning?

The breakfast is something that is the most important for you to start a good day. So this article is going to recommend some convenient handy breakfast makers to make a good and quick meal.


Are you still using your frying pan to cook fried bread? Turns out the bread is burnt 2min without paying attention to it. Not anymore. A toaster has timers and brown settings for you to accommodate your taste and you don’t have to stick around to see whether the color of the bread is OK.

2. Egg Frying Pan

Okay. The bread is in the toaster now, what are we gonna do next? How about making a sunny side up egg? Then you need an egg frying pan which helps you to make perfect fried eggs in minutes.

Break eggs and slip into the pan, 1 at a time. If you’re not good at this, go for a non-stick one. And if you wanna add fried tomato slices into your sandwich, just do it. The multiple-cup frying pan is not for making fried eggs only, it allows you to cook multiple foods in one pan.

What if I want a healthier diet? Then a rapid egg cooker may suit you.

As we can learn from its name, it often takes less than 10min to serve you with soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs. Besides, the electric egg cooker is often a stackable one, so you can make boiled eggs and warm up a cup of milk at once, with eggs in the bottom layer, milk on the upper one, very time-saving.

3. Single-Serve Coffee Maker

A cup of coffee makes us feel so good in the early morning. The coffee maker brews only one cup of coffee once, so it will be a great choice for people who live alone.

4. 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker Station

How many breakfast makers we get here. Let see, a toaster, a frying pan or an electric egg cooker and a coffee maker. To make a good and fast breakfast, you need to turn on the toaster, then the coffee maker and starts to steam an egg or fry an egg right after that.

Is there a way for you to prepare all of these in one go. The answer is YES. We give you a 3-in-1 breakfast maker station, which has an oven, a frying pan on the top and a coffee warmer right beside. And it gets even better for it is compact and takes fewer counter spaces. You just say goodbye to messy cleaning.

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