How to Save Your Productivity of Working From Home ?

By Lance 2020-04-06

If you are starting working from home for the badly accumulating epidemic. There may be various trifles distracting you from work. the kids, parents, or just the lures of foods, TV shows, etc . WFH is not a easy thing that you can maintain the passion, productivity as before in the office. So, what can we do for better status ? Here are several tips for working remotely:

Work In the Quiet Area

An isolated setting is definitely positive in your work. Firtstly, study room should be the best option. If a study is not available , seek a room far away from living room and your bedroom. Reluctantly, in case you have to stay at your room; Alright, Just kick your bed out~. Neat and clean desktop without too many stuffs but only your production kits. The quiet and blank space will effectively calm you down.

Credit: Amanda Epstein

No Foods

Many guys just can’t help doing that with their job. But actually it will not be a good habit: 1. Eating need digest then cause blood supply of brain insufficient; 2. It will draw your attention away especially when assignments requiring high concentration

Credit: Bex Holland

Prepare your Task List

With specific tasks, you can strictly implemet what you need to do next; if not, the most dangerous thing is to be too relaxed and loose yourself. Once mindfulness is lose, you can’t ensure the rest of job at all. Therefore, just act like duty days, dress yourself up, on duty timely , give the detailed plan including even a reasonable break.

Credit: Jules Forrest

Throw your Phone Away

One of the biggest enemy of working from home is right phone. Even if you can’t put it away, turn the phone into flight modes, or shield the notifications of entertainments app. Imaging the notifications coms with recent hot news, TV shows, game updates, shopping coupons, wow, hard indeed….

Sum up

Anyway, to work from home itself is harder than what we think it about, you have to struggle fiercely with your minds as well as challenge your self-discipline. Morden life filled with untold message pieces can corrode your mindfulness continuously, to better your work from home, the best way is only to isolate yourself, distance with entertainment and enjoyment just like the virus and simultaneously highlight the work consequences to youself.

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