4 Products That Will Instantly Improve Your Life in 2020

By Chen 2020-03-06

These are not must-haves for you to survive, but all are great for you to live a better life.

How to improve life quality? These little gadgets should do the trick.

1. MUZEN Retro Radio

Image Credit: MUZEN Radio

This is my favorite. 

I love this lovely retro radio for its color and shape are so delight to eyes. It is totally my type. I have a green one and it is a gift from my brother. I love listening to music. Whatever I am doing, I love to put some music on, like cooking, cleaning, doing housework and so on. Music does make me feel happier and this MUZEN retro radio has a clear and warm sound, and it’s just like it creates a world where only me and the music exist.

2. Home Projector

Image Credit: XGIMI

What do you usually do on the weekend? For me, I usually prepare some snacks and drinks and watch movies on my computer with all lights turned off on every Saturday night, just like being in the cinema. And a mini projector will make this dream looks more real and the movie more enjoyable.

3.Electric Toothbrush

Image Credit: Xiaomi

There is a lot of evidence shows that electric toothbrushes are more effective at reducing plaque and maintaining oral health. However, I would say, if I ever go for an electric toothbrush, the only reason is its timer feature. It makes sure I brush my teeth for enough time as the dentist recommended. Once the 2-min timer has elapsed, I know I am done with brushing teeth.

4.Ergonomic Chair

Image Credit: Flash Fortunite 

I’m an editor, which means I often spend all day sitting on the office chair and typing in front of the computer. Last year, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, so I just can’t sit still for a long period of time or it could be really painful and bad for my back. 

Therefore, an economic chair that specially designed for people who do an office job helps me a lot. Usually, the ergonomic will have a curvy back that conforms to your body, especially your lumbar. It supports your lumbar and relieves pressure from the back and mitigates the pain caused by sitting too much. 

And, ergonomic chairs with ventilated mesh back will be a better choice than the ones with leather or padding back, for it allows more air to circulate through and make you feel comfortable and cool.  

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