10 Unique Watches for Women 2020 Under $15: Making A Fashion Statement is A Piece of Cake

By Miamia 2020-03-13

Wanna to change your image? Starting with changing your dressing style is not far enough.

Nowadays, timepiece is a good clothing accessory that's not only for telling time, but also for revealing your taste and elevating your profile. But there are tons of watches for women on the market. How to pick up one that fits me?

Since we say watch is an accessory, we temporarily assume that won't cost too much, but the design should be peculiar and outstanding. Hence, in this post the watches that we recommend all carry a tantalizing price tag under 15 dollars, as well as unique design.

1. Women Starry Sky Watch with Megnetic Mesh Band    - $4

This women's watch is designed with a simulated starry sky dial, making it very unique and romantic. When it comes to starry sky, what occurs to our mind is the scene that we lie with our lover on the grass looking at the sky at night. Now you can wear the starry sky on your wrist to make a fashion statement.

The magnetic buckle mesh band allows for easy wear and quick release. They will automatically attach together when you overlap the both ends of the band. 30m water resistance can withstand splash of water, suitable for handwashing or rainy weather.

2. Hannah Martin UV Sensing Color Changing Watch     - $9

The special part of this watch is that the dial can change color in the sunlight. The dial original color is white, through the UV rays of the sun, then the dial will become purple color. Is that amazing? You can find two dial styles in one watch. The overal adopts minimalist design. No numbers are maked inside the dial. It's seemingly low-key, actually elegant.

3. Vintage Leather Strap Wristwatch     - $3

This wristwatch gives people a sense of matte texture. Slim velvety PU leather band are very comfortable to wear. Stone pattern dial with frosted finish is consistent with the band texture, making it vintage and graceful. Perfect for those who are into retro style and British style. Personally speaking, this is my type :).

6 colors are available. Now are you struggling with which color should you choose? Don't hesitate! It's absolutely ok to take all to home given the price.

4. Cloth Band Bracelet Wristwatch     - $4

Wow, I love this one too. If we ignore the watch dial, it looks like a hair ribbon we wear on our wrist. Classic striped cloth band is adjustable for a custom comfortable fit. You can freely tie a knot to match with your dress. It offers a French style elegant feeling. Wearing this watch makes you more girly yet graceful.

5. Bee Dial Women Watch     - $10

This women's wristwatch has a dial with a bee relief inside, delivering a chic and elegant feel. Sleek round dial with two Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands, is full of aesthetic perception. Rose gold steel mesh band has high gloss and fine texture. It feels delicate and works well with everyday dress and workwear.

6. Square Dial Leather Band Watch    - $5

Square dial looks formal but retro. The watch dial and strap uses same color scheme, making it high-end. It comes in 5 classic colors - purple, blue, black, white and dark coffee. Smooth leather strap is comfortable to wear. The calendar display keeps you aware of the date of the month. A very pratical watch for girls.

7. 360 Degree Rotation Dial Watch    - $5

Want to find a sparking watch to stand you out in the crowd? That's it!

As the hollow-out hands moves, the colorful gradient windmill shaped ornaments in the dial will rotate 360 degrees, looking like a whirlwind pattern. And multiple diamonds encircled the dial window adds more luxury. Showing off your taste with this watch.

8. Pure Color Textured Band Simple Watch     - $4

We'd like to recommend this watch for young grils, students or someone who wants to look younger. The vibrant colors is an appealing plus. 5 colors are available: yellow, green, blue, white and red. Those colors often keep people remind of the young days. Full of vigor and vitality.

It truely achieves the minimalist design, as there is nothing but two letter pattern pointers in the dial. Both the hands and dial window are black color, quite striking. Leather textured watch strap is very sturdy and comfortable to wear.

9. SKMEI 3D Cut Stereo Dial Bracelet Watch     - $10

Bracelet style watch is the one you can't miss out.

3D stereo cut dial with several round pendants on the strap makes it more than a timepiece, but also a wonderful accessory to update your look. Marble patten dial has good texture. Slim zinc alloy watch band can modify your hand line and make your wrist slender. It's very chic and elegant.

10. NAVIFORCE Flower Dial Quartz Female Wristwatch     - $14

3D stereo rose flower pattern dial with elegant rhinestones embellished inside, is very deluxe and elegant. Added with bold distinctive background color, this lady wristwatch surely brings you a lot of attention. Quartz analog movement with premium battery provides long-term and precise time-keeping.

Stainless steel mesh band is sturdy and comfortable for long time wear. 30m Water resistance allows you to wear while washing hands, bathing, etc. It can nicely pair with your V-neck shirt, blouse, and long dress for a decent look. Perfect for spring, fall and summer days.

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