Hot Questions for Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Series [ FAQ Summary]

By Lance 2020-03-16

A collection of Frequently asked questions for Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 / Plus, including system issuses, application issuses, and machine-flashing issues etc

1. Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 LTE:  How to enable VOLTE and how to receive SMS messages From Network Carrier ?

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 LTE version, apply the stable version V9.6.4.0 that can open VOLTE and receive SMS messages from the operaters. The system cannot be upgraded after that, otherwise the functions would disappear after the upgrade (some third-party operations can retain the functions). Here is THE V9.6.4.0 Download Link

After phone turning-on and put SIM on for the first time, turn-on the VOLTE switch in Settings-Mobile Network and a dialer will appear on the desktop.


The V9.6.4.0 is an early stable version, which may contain other errors and may not be very stable.

2. Why can't Xiaomi Mi 4 enter the system after trying the right screen password?

This is a bug. Please restart your Mi Pad 4 and try again.

3. Does not Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 have a low battery reminder?

Yes, Mi Pad 4 positively has. Please confirm whether the Game Mode is turned on and in the game state.

4. What Functions does Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 not support?

Compared with the phone version of MIUI, the MIUI of Mi Pad lacks some MIUI features.

Following are incomplete examples:

- ROOT is not supported / there is no Security Center / Mobile Manager (garbage cleaning, virus scanning)

- No timer switch function; no quick reply function; no driving mode; no harassment interception

- No power saving mode; no system avatar; no dark mode; negative screen cannot be turned off and the mobile phone has no negative screen

- The local backup function is abnormal; the game mode is incomplete and there is no game toolbox game interface related contents

5. Will Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 have Pad OS or be Compatible with MIUI 11 or later version?

Known news, currently there is no MIUI 11 adaptation plan for Mi Pad 4. According to the official announcement, the development version of the Mi Pad 4 has also been permanently changed.

Wherther there is a new system or not, whether it will adapt to the new system or the subsequent version of MIUI, I can only say that the official announcement prevails.

6. How Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Prohibits Application Networking ?

Settings - More Connections - Network Assistant - Application Networking Permission Settings. (This feature may not be added in earlier versions, But Included in the latest development version)

7. What should I do if I want to Apply MIUI 11 to Mi Pad 4

The website of XDA Developers, in Forum section, developers has come up with the unofficial MIUI 11 of Mi Pad 4 basing on Xiaomi 6X / Redmi Note 7 and other devices with the same CPU as Mi Pad 4 have

If you can save your machine and have a certain phone flashing experience, you know the serious consequences of improper flash, you can just try….

Note, in common sense, third-party packages are not as stable and reliable as official packages and may cause risks upon your tablet

8. Some Installed applications of Mi Pad 4 do not work , but it can work well normally when the application is dual-opened

This should be an occasional bug and rarely comes up. If need fix it, just back up the data to the computer, restore the factory settings.


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