iPhone's Best Travel Assistant: Xiaomi IDMIX PD Power Bank including Companion cable

By Greg 2020-03-12

Built-in PD Cable can really replace the daily cables, compeletly handy for travel. OMFi Lightning connector supports PD18W output and can charge iPhone or iPad. The USB interface supports QC3.0 18W output, which can charge different mobile phones or tablets.The USB-C input port supports 5V-2A input that can charge the power supply itself

Super Fast QC+PD Dual Charge Ports

PD3.018W fast charge output / 50% charge in 30 minutes / 3.5 times faster than normal. In addition to PD fast charge, we also support QC18W fast charge. Compatible with Qualcomm fast charge, when working independently, P10CiS mobile power USB-A single port QC18W fast charge output, supports up to 12V / 1.5A, accelerates charging.

Below are PD Supported models list

iPhone 11 / 11Pro, iPhone 11 pro Max, iPhone XS, XSMax, iPhone XR, iPhoneX, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus.

Fast metal heat dissipation
It adopts high-strength aluminum alloy material with strong structure. The metal material has the characteristics of natural heat dissipation and can be quickly charged without getting hot.
50% charge in 30 minutes


It seems this power bank are fairly suited for iPhone devices, The OMFI 18W Fast Charging, surpass the 50% of Power in 30mins and 10000mAh looks good for a daily trip. Plus the awesome outlook is full of polished metal texture. Currently this item is available on XIAOMI YOUPIN platform only and at a price of 200RMB.

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