Xiaomi Mobile Phone Cooler, 10 Degrees Down In 1 Minute

By Robot RO 2020-02-14

In the afternoon of February 13th, in addition to launching a new mobile phone, Xiaomi also launched an ice-cooled cooling back clip for the mobile phone.The price is 129 yuan.

Xiaomi Mobile Phone Cooler

According to the official introduction, due to the 5-leaf fan design, this ice-cooled cooling back clip can quickly reduce the temperature of the phone in only 2 seconds. The speed of this 5-blade fan is as high as 6000 rpm, which has the characteristics of large air volume and strong wind, and the noise during operation is as low as 30dB.

This product is compact and suitable for mobile phones with a width of 67-88mm. Its power supply interface is a Type-c Type-c interface, which uses 91 alloy cooling columns. Coupled with the elastic stretch design at both ends of the back clip, it can achieve fast installation and is definitely the best companion for mobile phones.

High heat affects the grip feeling, it will also cause the phone to freeze, slow down charging, and reduce battery life. Xiaomi hopes to solve these problems that affect the user experience through this product.

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