10 Products Help You Stay Comfy and Productive When Working From Home

By Miamia 2020-04-16

In the wake of the continous global spread of novel coronavirus, a majority of empolyees have been forced to work from home. It appears to be not easy for everyone to stay as productive as when working at office. Here we're compiling 10 products to help you maintain productitivity.

Work Remotely

A good environment will get you more dedicated to work. How should you do?

● Keep Your Desk Neat and Clean

Of course, the first step of working from home is to keep your desk tidy and clean. Messy desktop will distract you from what you are doing. Put aside those stuff you don't use and make sure what you need are within reach.

1. Desktop Storage Box

Desktop Storage Box

Multiple compartments design allows to hold pens, glasses, eraser, memo pads, tape, scissors, calculator and other stationeries. You can also use it to organize your cosmetics. I have a similar one to store my makeup and skincare products. It's really space saving.

2. Pen Holder

Pen Holder

A mini cute pen holder that can be pasted to the computer monitor or deskside. It's very handy to take out and put back pen. The only drawback is that it's not large enough to hold too many pens.

Pen Box with Memo Board
It is more than a pen holder, integrated with a LCD memo board that lets you wirte down your schedule or to remind you of things that should do later anytime. Even though you have mobile phone, for someone who likes to keep old-school things, a memo board always comes in handy. The memo board can be detached from the box. Serving as a toy for your kids is also great.

● Stay Focused on Your Task

After clearing unnecessary things out of your desk, you can focus more on your task and keep efficient. Here are some stuff that seem to be trivial but actually very useful recommended to you. They could make a big difference.

3. Colorful Post-it Notes
Post it Notes
When you have a to-do list to follow up but can't do it right away, post-it note is a great way to remind yourself. It comes in five different colors for better identification and easy differentiation. Post it at the bottom of the computer screen or in your notebook.

Memo Pads
If you're looking for some plain memo pads, this one comes recommended. A ring buckle is designed for easy carry on the go. Also, it's a cinch to take down the ring hoop, then you can use it to hold your keys after all paper sheets run out.

4. Loose-Leaf Notepad
I can't say no to paper things. Naturally, I'm fond of collecting many kinds of notepads, assuming they will eventually come in handy oneday. Still, with a mobile phone on hand, jotting down notes can be easy. But when some inspirations strike to your mind, a paper notepad would be essential for writing down the thought or idea. I believe there are still many people like me preferring paper notepads nowadays.

5. Foam Noise Isolation Earplugs
Noise Isolation Earplugs
If you're working from home where are filled with your kids shouts, TV sound, chatter, cat or dog sound, car horns etc, and you really need to tune out these distractions. Noise isolation earplugs are a good way to maintain focus. Putting the foam ear plugs into your ears, those noises are none of your business. If you are someone who needs to be on several-hour video meeting a day, a noise-cancelling headphone or TWS earbuds can be taken into consideration. Blue-light-blocking glasses also can be counted on, saving you from fatigue and eye pain.

● Enhance Comfort When Working

6. Logitech M570 Wireless Ergonomic Mouse
Ergonomic Wireless Mouse
It's all about the ergonomics when it comes to office furniture and accessories. So does the computer mouse. This Logitech M570 Wireless Mouse is ergonomically designed to fit snugly the human palm. Streamlined design offers a more comfortable grip. Multi-angle adjustment, quick response, quite operation, USB plug and play. Making it easy for you to handle work.

7. Wrist Support Mouse Pad
Wrist Support Mouse Pad
Office workers may have suffered from wrist fatigue and pain after typing all day. You need to have this. Made from silicone material, it's very soft and comfortable. More than a mouse pad to keep your mouse move smoothly, it's also a wrist support with enough thickness to ease wrist fatigue.

8. Computer Height Increasing Stand
Computer Stand
If you keep staring down at the laptop since it can't adjust the height, we recommend computer stand to you that will bring your display up to eye level and help you sit up straighter. No more double chin. There are many types of this stuff. Shown in the picture, this one can hold your some items with multiple drawers design, apart from supporting your laptop.

Adjustable Desktop Monitor Bracket
Monitor Bracket
Have you experienced a small computer screen crowded with documents? Wanting to find files in a short time is not easy as well. With this screen bracket, you can get an extra display screen to stay productive. It can let you freely switch different software interfaces for multi-task handling. Additionally, the bracket angle can be adjusted 180 degrees.

Laptop Holder
Made from aluminium alloy material, this laptop holder is super sturdy and durable. It works with any types of laptops on the market with 10-17 inches size. Silicone mats at the bottom featuring non-slip texture could protect your laptop from scratched and keep it in place.

9. Neck Massager
Neck Massager
A whole-day work would tense our neck musle. If you don't want to stand up to stretch your neck, then leave a few mintues to relax yourself with this electric pulse massager. It offers 6 massage modes to relieve different types of pain. Not only for neck use, it can be used on whole body. Simply place it on the pain areas, it will deliver low voltage current to massage the painful site. Powered by battery, it's safe to use.

● Being in a Good Mood - Decorate Your Table with Plants and Flowers

10. Artificial Flower Bouquet or Green Plants

Artificial Flower_Desktop Decoration

How can we miss out the green plants or flowers when it comes to a nice desktop? If gardening is difficult for you, then choose artificial flowers or hydroponic plants. Staring at the screen too long would cause eye pain. Distract your attention to those plants for a while is neccessary. Beautiful things can cheer us up and make us happy, thus resulting in high efficiency.

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