Those Xiaomi Items Win 11 Red Dot Awards 2020: Full List

By Miamia 2020-03-19

Xiaomi dominated the 2020 Red Dot Award, winning eleven trophies for the best design. Among them, especially the Mijia Skirting Heater carried off the prize of Best of the Best.

The Mijia Skirting Heater sports minimalist design and supports touch screen operation. There are 127 pieces of dragon scale shape cooling fins and double heating tubes, coupled with non-wind convection heating design, so the heater could achieve rapid heating. Besides, it provides 3-gear power (900W / 1300W / 2200W) for free adjustment and automatic regulation mode. Under that mode, the power output can be adjusted automatically according to the indoor temperature. Save your effort.

At the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Design Award, several products of Xiaomi have nabbed the award, including the Mijia Electric Scooter, Mijia Intelligent Rearview Mirror and Mjia Panoramic Camera. On the heels of that, this is second time that Xiaomi win the top award.

So What's the Red Dot Award?

The Red Dot Award was established by the prestigious German design institute - Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in 1955. Originally it is a German award, then it has grown into an internationally renowned creative design award, attracting more than 10,000 entries from over 60 countries every year. The German Red Dot Award is internationally recognized as one of the top awards for industrial design in the world. Together with the German iF Award, American IDEA Award, they are known as the world's three major design awards.

Which Products of Xiaomi Won Awards at the 2020 Red Dot Award?

● 1. Mijia Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Kit

- 9-Cone tornado engine, with high speed brushless motor and cyclone separation system provides super strong suction up to 10AW and 23kPa super static pressure.
- 5-Layer filter system, can eleminate 99.97% mote, dust, PM2.5 particles and 99.9% mites.
- Come with 4 multifunctional brushes for versatile use.
- Deeply clean 160㎡ area for 30 minutes on a single charge.

● 2. Xiaomi Curved Display - 34 Inches

- 21:9 wide panoramic view, 3440x1440 WQHD resolution, 144Hz high refresh rate, 1500R big curvature
- AMD FreeSync frequency conversion technology for enhancing the visual fluency, offering truely immersive entertainment experience.
- Low blue mode, no video flash, anti-fatigue, eye protection.
- Adjustable bracket for various viewing angle.

● 3. Xiaomi Water Purifier Lentil

- RO reverse osmosis technology for deep purification up to 0.0001 micron.
- Stereo integrated circuit, reducing the risk of water leakage.
- Water quality intelligent monitoring via APP.
- One-piece ultra thin body, compact design.
- Hidden installation under the countertop, super space saving.

● 4. Mijia Pressure Cooker

- 5L capacity. 1100W power.
- 1.32 Inch OLED touch screen control.
- Intelligent stepless voltage adjustment and variable pressure cooking.
- Safety lock structure, one key to open.
- 3.5mm thick aluminium alloy liner.
- Can set time via operation panel or APP.

● 5. Mijia Microwave Oven

- 20L capacity, 700W power.
- Custom cooking mode and 3 classification defrosting modes.
- Remote intelligent control via APP.
- Built-in WiFi module, support Xiaoai voice control.
- Microcrystalline panel for rapid and even heating.

● 6. Mijia Small Rice Cooker

- 1.6L capacity, 400W power.
- Portable and compact design.
- 1.7mm thick PFA non-stick liner.
- APP Intelligent linkage to choose recipe.
- 24-hour reservation and insulation.

● 7. Mijia Blender

- 301 Stainless steel 6-Leaf blade, super sharpe.
- Powerful pure copper motor with high speed rotation up 20,000 RPM.
- Press to start, safe and convenient operation.
- Compact and lightweight design. Less than 1.3kg.
- Tritan material, BPA-free, non-toxic, sturdy and durable.
- 500ML capacity, 350W power.

● 8. Mijia Lint Remover

- 0.35mm Micro arc knife net.
- 5-Leaf rotary floating blade.
- Built-in 1300mAh lithium battery. 90 minutes use time on a single charge.
- USB rechargeable. 2 Hours fast charging.
- Suitable for all kinds of fabrics.

● 9. Mijia Sonic Facial Cleanser

● 10. Mijia LED Makeup Mirror

- More than music speaker, an entertainment tablet too.

- 1280x800 8-inch IPS large screen with 178 degree ultra large visual angle.
- 50.8mm 10W powerful NdFeB magnetic loudspeaker with DTS professional tuning for stunning listening enjoyment.
- Built-in third-generation XiaoAi AI assistant, supports voice control and touch control.
- Built-in Bluetooth gateway, allows to control Bluetooth-enabled smart home devices.
- Compatible with multiple IoT platforms. Can be used as a control center to command IoT devices within reach.
- Support video call with XiaoAi Speaker APP, Mitu Children Smartwatch 3C, Xiaomi TV.

- 5W 350cc loudspeaker with CrystalWave technology, deliverys louder & richer sounds and deep bass sound quality.
- Built-in Bluetooth gateway, allows to control Bluetooth-enabled smart home devices.
- Built-in third-generation XiaoAi AI assistant, supports voice control. Male and female voices are available.
- Compatible with multiple IoT platforms. Can be used as a control center to command IoT devices within reach.

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