MIUI Version Difference, Update Frequency

By Robot RO 2020-05-18

Xiaomi is one of the largest mobile phone brands in China. Its operating system MIUI may be the best Android system. Since the birth of Miui, it has been upgrade hundreds of times.

MIUI Version Difference, Update Frequency

There are 3 main versions of Xiaomi MIUI system: experience version, development version and stable version.

1. Experience version-support OTA

The experience version is upgraded and iterated daily, and external users do not have permission to use it. Only for testing new functions, you can experience the latest bugs every day.

2. Development version-support OTA

The development version is mainly for enthusiastic fans. It is published in the forum. Users can choose to flash the machine to the development version and update it every Friday.

The development version is a grayscale test. With the purpose to collect feedback and problems, optimize the product, and do stability tests for the stable version. Through user operation and feedback, find more problems and solve them.

3. Stable version

At present, the upgrade time of the stable version is uncertain. Generally, a stable version upgrade is carried out in 1-2 months. According to the official release and regularly updated, the phone will automatically receive an update reminder.

How to Update Your MIUI (Stable version)?

You will receive the latest MIUI software update notifications once it is available to your Xiaomi phone. You can check the system update via the following steps:

Step 1: open your Xiaomi phone "Settings-About phone-System Update" and click "Check for updates".

Step 2: If it shows "No updates available", it means that the newest MIUI is not available to your phone's model presently.

Step 3: If it shows an available software with the MIUI xxx, you can click "Download update" to download the newest MIUI software pack and install it according to its installation guide.

Also, you can download the newest MIUI from its Mi Community(http://c.mi.com/miuidownload/index), and update it by yourself.

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