Common Update Issues About EMUI System of Huawei Phones – Section 1

By Lance 2020-01-17

As we noticed that more and more issuses bother Huawei EMUI Users constantly when every time system upgrading/updating. There are something always to be failed, That’s really upset. So we just right list some common issues that may solve your EMUI Updating problems

>> Case 1: Unable to download the update, or the system update download progress bar stays at a certain progress

• Check if the network status is good
• Restart your phone or use the one-click optimization or cleanup acceleration of the phone manager, and then try again
• Try to download again after clearing the cache of system updates.

Operation steps: Go to Settings> Applications> Application Management, click the three dots in the upper right corner> Show system processes, select Storage under System Update or Software Update, then click Delete Data and Clear Cache, then enter Settings, and search for system updates or software updates , Click to enter and try to upgrade again

If none of the above methods can solve your problem, then you need to back up your data and try system update after restoring factory settings

>> Case 2: The download of the upgrade package is successful, but the upgrade package verification fails

• This problem caused by poor network that give rise to imcomplete update package. We’d like to suggest you download the installation package again under a good WLAN or network condition .

>> Case 3: After online upgrading, your phone cannot boot normally, and there is a green robot on the desktop (entering FastBoot mode)

Source: During the upgrade process, the system failed due to power shortage (such as: long press the power button), which caused the system upgrade to fail, entered FastBoot mode, and could not boot normally.

Solution: After installing the latest version of Huawei Mobile Assistant (Hisuite)on the computer, connect the mobile phone to the computer with a USB cable (after connecting Hisuite, please try to back up phone data with Hisuite), click System Repair > Continue> Start Repair on Hisute, Wait for the repair finished(the system will be repaired to the specified version, no choice can be made), the phone will automatically restart to enter the main interface, this process takes some time, please be patient.

a. Please do not disconnect the USB data cable, manually shut down or restart the phone, insert or remove the SD card during the process (if the repair failure caused by restarting the phone, please restart the operation)
b. Theoretically, it will not bring about data loss, it is better to back up in advance

We also did the other FAQ about Huawei EMUI System Update, Click to read on: Common Update Issues About EMUI System of Huawei Phones – Section 2

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