How about MIUI 12 On Redmi K20 Pro

By 2020-05-15

MIUI12 is the greatly most changed version of MIUI in recent years. At the press conference, users were impressed by this version that even made us ignore the Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition's release that day.

Taking the K20 Pro model as an example, MIUI 12 was updated as soon as possible after the press conference. Note that this version is still in beta, and the stable version will be released in late June. So after using MIUI12 couple of days, So, some pros and cons basing on the hightlights have just been concluded

MIUI 12 Pros:

1. The wallpapers and super wallpapers seems fairly fantastic, the built-in wallpapers are indeed got improved.
2. Animation effects, MIUI12's animation is extremely similar to iOS 13, which is much more obvious after slowing process down.
3. Vibration feedback. Although Redmi K20 Pro is a rotor motor, after the upgrading of MIUI12, there is a slight   change in vibration. This should be more obvious on Xiaomi series with linear motors.
4. Security and privacy. In fact, it still has actually a great deal of alteration, from the 3 points of the "flare""Barbed wire""Mask" in this update(we have also introduced this key feature here)
5. A small window. It helps a lot when playing taxis, ordering takeaways, or watching dramas,  playing games, This is really a nice function to achieve "2 use with 1 mind"

MIUI 12 Cons:

1. Freeze up, dropped frames
2. Battery life seems getting shorter and Overheated
3. Being accused of the obvious resemblance to the IOS

Note: Considering the Beta version that includes unstable factors and bugs more or less. it's okay to get such problems.

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