Hot Questions for Xiaomi Mi Router Series 3 4 and More [FAQ Summary]

By Lance 2020-03-17

Hi there, here is a collection of FAQ for Xiaomi MI Router series, included but not limited : Mi Router 4A /4C/4Q/4, Mi Router 3 / 3g, Mi Router AC2100, Mi Router Mesh and Mini Router etc. To day we have summarized detailed answers towards the issuses like ROM upgrade, Wifi Password, management password, USB Flash Drive and more universal tips. Please keep reading on.

Q1.How can I manage my Mi Router Via background Website?

The management website is or just input: in search engine

Q2. What if I forget the Management Password of my Mi Router?

You can fix it by reset your Mi Router

Q3. How can I Reset my Mi Router? Will the Hard Drive Data be Cleared/Deleted?

Long-press the rear button ‘ Reset ‘ for around 8 seconds to reset your Mi-router. Resetting the router will

NOT Clear your personal data stored in the hard disk, it will just reset all setting information.

Q4. What Do different Color of Lights of my Mi Router Indicator mean?

Flashing and Colored lights represent different Status:

Blue-light on: Normal operation, Uboot Flash successfully.

Blue-light flashing: System’s new version available

Yellow-light on: system Boot start, and router Resetting

Flashing yellow light: hard disk formatting, recover dsk status, uboot flashing status.

Red-light on: The system crashed and uboot failed to flash.

Flashing red light: Enter small system mode or restore system mode.

Q5. What is the Differences between Router Management Password and WiFi Password.

Router Management Password: to Log in router's backstage management interface

Router WiFi password: Connect with Wi-Fi devices such as phone, computer, or pad.

Note: Don’t Use the identical passwords for the network security

Q6. How to Upgrade ROM for my Xiaomi Mi Router 4 / 4A /4C/ or other Mi-Router

Access to check the latest version and have the upgrade to be done, you can also check that on phone application: MI Wi-Fi

Q7. What is the difference between Router 2.4G WiFi and 5G WiFi ? Why can't my phone connect to 5G?

To prior, most of the widely used WiFi is based on the IEEE 802.11n (4th Gen) wireless standard, and its operating frequency band is mostly at 2.4GHz, so it is called 2.4G WiFi; and the latest generation of wireless standard IEEE 802.11ac (5th Gen), Its working frequency band is at 5GHz, named 5G WiFi, which has the features of fast transmission rate and low interference.

The Xiaomi Mi Router supports the 5G Wifi. However, to connect to 5G WiFi requires your devices(phone, pad etc ) also support 5G Band. You can check wherther your phone can work with that.

Q8. My Phone supports 5G WiFi, why can't it detect 5G WiFi signals/Receipts?

5G Wifi includes many kinds of 5G channels. Under normal circumstances, normal terminals should support 149-165, you can try to set the channel within this range once again.

Q9. Turn on the smart scene and to Rest at regular intervals. When my Mi Router is On, my devices (phone, pad, PC) can’t work with it ??

It might be better off re-start your Mi-router (Pull power-plug out). That’s a partial trouble, the official is trying to fix it

Q10. Why Can’ my USB Flash Drive t be recognized by Router ?

The Xiaomi Mi Router's USB currently supports multiple file systems, including: Fat, Fat32, Exfat, ext3, ext4, NTFS. After flash driver is successfully mounted, the files can be managed in the file management system of the phone app, PC / Mac

Q11. Having Enabled Wireless Access Control, Fast connection my Mi Router does not work ?

This is normal. The principle of wireless access control is to allow only the corresponding MAC addresses to connect and deny other connections. Before using the routing fast connection function, make sure that the wireless access control is turned off.

Q12. How to Check the Files in the Xiaomi Mi Router?

Solution 1: Keep Wifi connecting to your phone enter the Mi Wi-Fi app File Manegement

Solution 2: Use Samba or Dna supported file maneger to look through

Solution 3: Access: \\ in "Run", Mac uses finder to connect to smb: //

Q13. Why my Mi Router copy-transfering to the Hard Disk is Slow ?

Please use mobile app to achieve the fastest speed.

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