Xiaomi Xiaoyi 720P ночного видения Smart IP камеры CN Официальный выпуск

Xiaomi Xiaoyi 1 / 2.5 "CCD 8.0MP широкоугольный Смарт видеокамера ж / Wi-Fi, 8-IR-LED - черный + белый

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Xiaomi Xiaoyi 720P ночного видения Smart IP камеры CN Официальный выпуск
xiaiomi Xiaoyi mini smart ip camera
Your Home in Your Mobile Phone
Smart Security Mode on Automatically when Away frtom Home
Observe and Photograph and Video whenever Necessary
1280' 720HD resolution, F2.0 large aperture;
111' wide-angle lens, 4 times digltal zoom;
Ultra wide angle. almost can cover the whole rooml;
Built-in MIC and speaker for talking to friend on the other hand;
Support the body feeling operation, the gyroscope panoramic view;
Suitable for Android and IOS smartphone and tablet PC.
Xiaoyi Smart Camera can be placed in anywhere you want. With tablet or smartphone,you can know you home situation in anytime.anywhere. You can perfom two-way volce communication even it you are not at home. You can ecen join in birthday patry at home in long distance, instant capture the joy and wonderfiul moments.
Check your home stuation with your phone in anytime. Worry no meore for your house door, window, or water-tap. When you leave the house, motion detection will start trigger. lf threat detected when on one at home, recording will start immediately and timely inform you about the alarm.
Use a small ant smart cameras. you can not miss every moment of the baby's growth.lt can remote capture when your baby successful complete the blocks tower,or when you are overtime at night,you can croon a lullaby for him hum to sleep.Turn on the phone and get together with him immediately!
Support Night Vision
View it 24 Hours
View it 24 Hours
View it 24 Hours
4x Digital Zoom,Every Detail are Viewed on the Screen
Two-Way Voice Feature that Allows you to be Present at Anywhere if you Want
3 Simple Steps to Complete lnstallation in 1 Minute
A Safer Local Stotagr,Free For Lifetime
1280x720 HD Resolution,111'Wide-Angle Lens
View it 24 Hours
View it 24 Hours
Swtitch On
Download APP
Connect with Canera
Playback at any time,edit your family videos
f/2 aperture,all-glass lens,bring you a clear and bright picture
Clear duples voice
Wifi module
Profesesional all-glass lens
You can use the phone to view, but also aouble-click to 4x zoom
With a small ant camera.you can spent omportant day with her.110'wide-angle lens bring a sense of immersive screen,sing a birthday song to her.it is now no longer a problem even though you are far away from her.
Without any complex or lengthy wiring set,you can automatically connect your smart camera by turning on its power button and downloading Xiaomi Smart Home App.
'Can also be suppcrted with 'Xiaoyi Smart Camera'or "M Router"app
in addition to real-tirne viewing,it can insert a Micro SD (TF) memory card to store video for lock at any time. Reoording automatically marked by the day,which is convenient for you to find or edit them.

Perfectly fit Xiaomi router,you can reoord video directly on the router 1 TB hard drive.Avoid the loss of privacy,but also to avoid additional charges which stores in the cloud service brings.
Xiaoyi Smart Camera’s all-glass lens has better optical properties than the ordinary Resin lens used by average camera, glving you clearer and finer pictures, A 1280x720 HD resolution will have insignificant small details in picture and also good quality videos. 111’wide-angle lens can cover almodst every corner of your room.

Форма ЦветБелый + черный (ночного видения)
Датчик изображенияCCD
Датчик изображения Размер 1/2.5 Inch
Ночное видение
Ночное видениеДа
IR-LED Количество8
Ночных видения Расстояние5m
Беспроводной Интернет / WiFi802.11 b / g / n
Поддерживаемый браузерN/A
Интернет посетителейN/A
Мобильный телефон ПлатформаВ Android-
Встроенная память / ОЗУНет
Адаптер питанияUSB
Другие особенности
Другие особенностиПримечание: Использование VPN или сбросить маршрутизатор изменяет свой IP-адрес, если он не подключиться к Интернету.
Размер и вес
Размер 4.51 in x 3.15 in x 1.18 in (11.45 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm)
Вес 9.17 унции (260 г)
Упаковочный лист
1 х смарт- камеры
1 х USB кабель ( 200 ± 2 см )

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  • rbilyy Опубликовано 10.09.2016

    Very functional camera, the image is clear, the night vision has many details. Works with android.


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  • nksextreme Опубликовано 08.09.2016

    Отличная камера. Как всегда радует. Написано что китайсткая версия, но в этот раз не хочет работать в Молдове, буде перепрошивать. Поправил часовой пояс. Подсветка справляется на ура , но не в большой комнате.


    0 3 0
  • fgomesoliveira Опубликовано 17.08.2016

    Excelente produto, atendeu todas as expectativas e gostei muito da seriedade e agilidade do site dx.com, recomendo o site.

    печать:Ótimo PRODUTO

    1 0 1
  • urielmau Опубликовано 17.08.2016

    Pros: Looks good, nice construction, small Ok video and sound Cons: Hard to setup, notification only in chinese or something like that, you had to search for the software in english and figure out how to setup correctly of... Читать дальше

    печать:good, difficult

    0 6 0
  • nksextreme Опубликовано 09.08.2016

    Сначала напрягся, что китайская версия, но она в Молдове работает отлично. Поправил часовой пояс и вперёд! Заказал ещё, так как цена лучшая из которых я нашёл, но пока стоки исчерпаны :(


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