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Смартфон Xiaomi Redmi 3 Android 5.1 с восьмью ядрами

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Android 5.1 Octa-core смартфон с 5,0" TFT, 2 ГБ оперативной памяти, 16 ГБ ROM - серебристо-белый

От Xiaomi
SKU: 424848
Смартфон Xiaomi Redmi 3 Android 5.1 с восьмью ядрами
Xiaomi Redmi 3 Android 5.1 Octa-core смартфон с 5,0" TFT, 2 ГБ оперативной памяти, 16 ГБ ROM - серебристо-белый

Смартфон Xiaomi Redmi 3 Android 5.1 с восьмью ядрами

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Xiaomi Redmi 3
4100mAh battery long standby, shinymetal body and incredible changes
Incredible changes
Changing alway brings an unexpected surprise. You must be incredible, Redmi 3equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 high-performance CPU, 4100mAhbattery, metal body, 13.0MP camera which comes from professional camerasphase focusing technology. Even more amazing is that it is 0.9mm thinner thanRedmi2, it still is an outstanding representative of 5-inch phone.
4100mAh Largecapacity battery
Full networkTDD/FDD/CDMA
Qualcomm snapdragon616 Octa Core CPU
Phase focusing13.0MP camera
144gLight feeling
A performance phoneQualcomm Snapdragon 616 high-performance CPU
Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa Core is a standard of high-performance CPU. Redmi 3 not onlyequepped with such CPU, but also designed optimized system-level adjustment for the performance,4 for 1.5GHz performance core and 4 for 1.2GHz power core, you can open or close based on theuse of smart scene, lower energy consumption while operating smoothly. It supports up to 128GBxtensble storage, you can carry with music, movies and work which is 8 times as the past.
64bit53 Architecture
Octa coreHigh-performernce Chips
4100mAh thinner and bigger batteryNearly 2 times power, but thinner than 0.9mm
Bigger battery capacity is eternal goal for phone. We strive to improve battery technology, makethe battery energy density up to 685 Wh/L, upgrade technology standards. Let 4100mAh largebattery shelter at 8.5mm thin body. Extended 80% talk time than the Redmi 2. With the newsystem-level energy optimization, generally three days learing and workin are adequate. Even ashort holiday travelers no longer need to carry a mobile power. At the same time, it supports5V/2A fast charge technology. No more waiting for a second, using for a long time, and touchfeeling good are a new interpretation of Redmi3.
Redmi 2Redmi 3
13.0 camera phase focusFocus fast to 0.1s
It is easy to take a great picture by phone. Redmi 3 with high-definition sensor, make photosexcelled. Base on professional cameras's phase focusing technology, focus fastto 0.1s. Ithelps you to apture the children's smile and cute face easily. There are HDR mode and flexiblecamera gameplay give you more room for creativity. Not only that, it's front camera alsocomes with beauty features, each of your pictures is more attractive.
Full network dual card dual standbyMulti-function SIM card slot
Redmi 3 supports TDD、FDD、CDMA 4G LTE networl. It sipports dual car dual standby.Can be placed on 2 SIM cards. If you only have one SIM card, the other slot also can beplaced extended storage TF card, this clever design allows your cell phone up to 128GBexpansion and tore more things.
Slot2:Nano-SIM card/TF card. Pick one of two
Slot1:Micro-SIM card
Tips:When one SIM card is using 4G LTE,the other only for GSM.
Starry metal body
Redmi 3 has uniform metallic color, it is enough to be your heart love, and the morecomplex process, also gives it a unique fashion sense. 4166 "stars" are embellishmentin the back shell, between light circulation, ite seemed to see the moon. Star pavilionsand gold edition quintana golden seamless together. Each version has a more distinctpersonality, temperament as you.
5 inch screen and comfortable gripOne screen, three technologies
Clarity is a basic requirement of the screen, smart handy screen can be called good. Redmi 3 supportssun screen, it can according to the ambient light in real time to adjust the screen contras dynamically,you can see the screenin the bright light. Precision screen backlight control, using smart at night to adjustto a comfortable brightness. You will not feel tired while communicate with friends for a long time, andeye pattern for who loves reading to protect eyesight. One screen, three technologies, this screen forredmi 3 presumably is the good screen in your heart.
MIUI 7Fast, power, saving designed for you
New phone, new systems, new experience! We have prepared default light extravagance,goddess, boys and girls 5 sets of system interface for personality people, with built-in themesystem, you can customize an unique Redmi 3. Not only the personality, but also easier touse. System-level optimization can reduce response time, opening application speed up to130%, according to the using scene, it can intelligent control power, and the use of time canbe extended up to 125%. More flood of applications, Reading, games, life, travel, etc. Bringconvenience for every aspect of your life.
1. Rated capacity 4000mAh, typical capacity 4100mAh.2. 144g is the average weight, the weight in the production process may be slightly floating.3. Support up to 128GB(VFAT) extended storage.4. Calling,listening to music, reading, video, games and other Redmi 2 under the same conditions.5. Use time depending on actual usage6. The number of stars may be slightly floating. Because of th different actual production.
МодельRedmi 3
Количество1 кусок
МатериалАлюминиевый сплав + пластик
Цвет формыСеребряный белый
ТипСовершенно новый
Адаптер питанияАмериканские вилки
Материал корпуса корпуса Алюминиевый сплав
Время выпуска2016-1-11
Тип Сети2Г, 3Г, 4Г
Сведения о группе2G: GSM B2 / 3/5/8 3G: CDMA EVDO BC0 3G: WCDMA B1 / 2/5/8 3G: TD-SCDMA B34 / 39 4G: TD-LTE B38 / 39/40/41 4G: FDD-LTE B1 / 3/7
Передача данныхGPRS, LTE
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n
тип SIM картыMicro SIM, Nano SIM
Количество SIM-карт2
Сетевой режим ожиданияДвойной сетевой режим ожидания
Инфракрасный портДа
Версия блютузаV4.1+ HID
Операционная системаАндроид 5.1
Процессор процессораQualcomm Xiao dragon 616
Количество ядер процессораВосьмиядерный
GPUAdreno 405
ЯзыкУпрощенный китайский, традиционный китайский, немецкий, индонезийский, малайский, английский, испанский, французский, итальянский, венгерский, голландский, португальский, румынский, вьетнамский, русский, турецкий, греческий, иврит, арабский, тайский, корейский
Доступно памятиN/A
Карта ПамятиMicro SD Card
Максимум. Поддерживаемые расширенияПоддержка TF карт до 128 ГБ
Тип сенсорного экранаTFT
Разрешение экрана1280*720
Размер экрана (дюймы)5.0
Pixel камеры 13.0MP
Передние пикселей камера5.0MP
Сенсорный фокусДа
Время разговора9-12 часов
Время ожидания264 часа
Емкость батареи4000mAh
батарейный режимНесъемный
Другие особенности
особенностиWi-Fi, GPS, FM, Bluetooth
ДатчикG-сенсор, расстояние
Водонепроницаемый УровеньIPX0 (не защищен)
Интерфейс Ввода/ВыводаMicro USB, 3,5 мм
Справочные сайты== Будет ли этот мобильный телефон работать с определенным мобильным оператором? ==
Размер и вес
Размер 5.51 in x 2.76 in x 0.33 in (14 cm x 7 cm x 0.85 cm)
Вес 5,08 унций (144 г)
Упаковочный лист
1 х Мобильный телефон
1 кабель данных x (115cm)
1 переходника силы штепсельной вилки x США (100 ~ 240V)

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  • 8976400 Опубликовано 21.06.2017

    Pros: O tamanho é muito bom, pratico de carregar, bateria dura muito tempo. Contra: A câmera poderia ser um pouco melhor.

    печать:muito bom

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  • leo.bustos Опубликовано 16.05.2017

    Pros: All of it! Cons: Nothing yet The only problem that i have it was with de local mail service.


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  • vertoaragao88 Опубликовано 13.04.2017

    Ótimo custo-benefício, paguei barato em um celular top de linha, com muita memória e que nao trava. Os correios demoraram com força pra entregar!

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  • 10632267 Опубликовано 25.03.2017

    Chegou com 30 dias, fui taxado pela ofadega do Brasil, mais valeu apena... Ainda sair lucrando... O celular não trava isso é o bom desse aparelho.

    печать:Excelente produto

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