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VSTARCAM C7837WIP 720P IP камера ж / Wi-Fi -черный 10-IR-LED / / TF (ЕС Plug)

VSTARCAM C7837WIP 1/4" CMOS 1.0MP 720P IP-камера W / 10 -IR -LED / Wi -Fi / TF - черный (ЕС Plug)

SKU: 376116
VSTARCAM C7837WIP 720P IP камера ж / Wi-Fi -черный 10-IR-LED / / TF (ЕС Plug)
VSTARCAM C7837WIP 1/4" CMOS 1.0MP 720P IP-камера W / 10 -IR -LED / Wi -Fi / TF - черный (ЕС Plug)

VSTARCAM C7837WIP 720P IP камера ж / Wi-Fi -черный 10-IR-LED / / TF (ЕС Plug)

US$36,87 US$56,64 35%Скидка 4,9 (128 отзывов)
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Plug and play P2P technology penetration degree is up to 99% applicable complex network surroundings;H.264 compression format;Built-in IR-CUT;1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 64, 81-channel, no user limited;Centralized monitor, remote record and playback etc;The PnP server cluster global distribution, security around the world server safe stable and high-efficiency operation;Support two-way voice, 10 meters of night vision, Wi-Fi, night vision, mobile phone watch, free domain name and the client software; Android / IPHONE / PC has its own client software;PnP (plug-in and play) function: two complete set;Easy operation:1. Plug the cable and power line;2. Install computer software scan code to add camera; strong penetrating power;Mobile client software using QR code scanning equipment, convenient and safe;After good client software installed on the same phone can add many video camera equipment, mobile phone memory card on the function of the video and photos;Using VSTARCAM independently developed EYE4 intelligent cloud platform just register an account, can on the PC, android mobile phone/tablet, apple mobile phone, tablet devices such as easy to use;Specially designed for the baby and old people, a nurse, by adopting the technology of PnP plug and play, can be timely monitor screen is passed on to the user's mobile phone/computer, and it is remote, get rid of the traditional infant care is restricted by distance from the problem;User even if born in field, also can see children in the home through the device, clear images, and can through the mobile phone and care for the intercom/listening;At the same time, can be very convenient to save the image or video on mobile phone or in the care of TF card by advertisers; Remote monitoring, also can be used as a security guard.
More powerful function configuration
WPS encryption    ONVIF/RTSPprotocol    Multi stream
Only for guard your home
Plug&play, no wiring,easy to operate.
One Key router connection, convenientand safe.
Support wireless network easy to watchsmooth video
Standardization of communicationprotocol, Interoperability with otherbrand products.
H264 compression fomat make databandwidth lower better image effect
Supporting 720P M-JPEG VGA QVGAriple stream
24 hours surveillance IR distance 10M
720P Megapixel HD Lens exquisiteimage stable and clear imaging
Support IOS, Android, Windows OS
Support pan/tilt control(pan:355" &tilt: 120" ) and auto cruise.
Home Security
Shop security
Warehouse security
Office Monitoring
Are you surely your camera is safe?
Must not monitoring turns out to be anti-monitored
I set it to standarddefinition, how itbecomes highdefinition?
Why the cameraposition is moved?
Is passwordrelly safe ?
Security Technokogy one
Scan UID to add camera
Unique UID
UID is randomnly generatedduring production, eachcamera is allocated witha unique UID code toguarantee user privacy.
Scan UID to add camera
After install the APP, scan the UID on thebottom of the camera, then you can accessthe camera.
Plug & Play Technology
Any products, even the design is superior, and thefunctionability is powerful, without user-friendly, thiscan not call a successful product.Starcam IP camera all adopts plug and playtechnology, just plug the power and network cable,then you will be able to play, the really easy touse product.
TF card storage
Support up to 64G TF card storage, 24hrs looprecording, support moblie phone view video.
Support mobile device remotely view real timepicture, strong WIFI signal, high stability, viewat anytime anywhere.
HISILICON 3518E chipset
Performance chipset with more powerful function,and lower power consumption, faster processingspeed.
Care what you care!
Best care to your best love!
Baby care
Elderly Care
Pet care
Car Security
Product details
Light dependent resistor
Sense the intensity of light, adjust automatically switch on/off the IR-cut.
High quality 1megapixel lens
720P HD lens, fluent video, lifelike image, lessnoise, stable function.
Infrared night- vision light
Ensure to get clear image even in dim and dark environment.
Indicator light
Lights flashing at work
Built-in Microphone
Built-in microphone and speaker, teo-way audiounction.
Product color
Function analysis
1.0 MegaPixel
720P HD IP camera, better picture quality, further vision.
720P/VAG/QVAG/JPEG viedo stream to choosefrom,suitable for different bandwidth users.
Two Way Audio
Just take out the phone. press the button, you caneasily open a two-way voice intercom, anytimeremote visualization exchanges.
Be goodat home,Sweetheart.
Multi platform
Support IOS, Android, Windows OS
Pan Tilt
Support Pan/Tilt overall, Flawless Monitorning(120 degree wertically and 355 degree horizotally).
IR-CUT Dual Filter
Automatic switching day and night, real color for video.Considering to video quality day and night, present the best video effect. Nocolor cast, no smearing, no explosure to white. All image looks clearly and naturally.
Three steps view by mobile phone
1. Download for th Phone APP.
2. run thr app and scan QR Codeto add the up.
3. View the ip camera.
Цвет формыЧерный
Количество1 кусок
Датчик изображенийCMOS
Датчик изображения Размер 1/4"
Угол обзора75°
Формат сжатого видеоH.264
Разрешение Изображения720P (1080 x 720) / VGA (640 x 360) / QVGA (320 x 180)
Частота кадров30fps
Input / OutputВстроенный микрофон
Формат сжатия звукаADPCM
Ночное видение
Минимальная освещенность0.3Lux
Ночное видениеДа
IR-LED Количество10
Расстояние ночного видения 10m
Кабельное / Спутниковое телевидение802.11 b / g / n
Сетевой протоколTCP, PPPoE, IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DDNS
Поддерживаемые СистемыWindows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Поддерживаемый браузерIE 6.0 и выше
Слот для SIM-картыНет
Режим IPДинамический
Мобильный телефон ПлатформаAndroid, iOS
Бесплатный DDNSДа
Встроенная память / ОЗУНет
Карта ПамятиTF
Максимум Поддержка памяти64GB
Угол поворотаГоризонтальный: 355 градусов; Вертикальный: 120 градусов
Поддерживаемые языкиГолландский, польский, португальский, японский, английский, французский, упрощенный китайский, традиционный китайский, корейский
Водонепроницаемый Нет
Адаптер питанияШтепсельная вилка EU
Напряжение питания5V
Номинальный ток2A
Другие особенности
СертификацияCE, RoHS, FCC
Размер и вес
Размер 5.71 in x 4.92 in x 4.06 in (14.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 10.3 cm)
Вес 10.83 унций (307 г)
Упаковочный лист
1 х камера
1 х адаптер питания переменного тока ( ЕС Plug / 100 ~ 240V / 170см - кабель)
1 х сетевой кабель (120 см)
1 х Кронштейн
1 х Упаковка из монтажных принадлежностей
1 х Английский Руководство пользователя

Все посылки от отправляются без логотипа магазина или любой другой информации, связанной с В связи с разными вариантами упаковки товара поставщиками, упаковка товара получателя может отличатся от упаковки на изображении.

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  • felipett Опубликовано 07.08.2017

    It works as supposed to, but the software provided is sometimes tricky. I had to configure it in different places, so everytime I had to, it worked in a different way. The imposition of having an account online to use the... Читать дальше

    печать:Useful, nice

    25 0
  • tlec Опубликовано 08.06.2017

    decent camera for the money, this is actually my second camera .. pay close attention to the plug style i accidently chose the eu plug which required me to get an alternative adapter .. ive had it over a year and still... Читать дальше

    печать:Worth the money

    18 1
  • kaidyb Опубликовано 05.05.2017

    This video was taken at night with my tablet Teclast Android 6.0. The chamber seems overwhelmingly good at night and during the day. The images and video quality both on wifi and 4G are top notch.

    печать:Very good, Great quality, Worth the money

    18 1
  • gabrielcosta1 Опубликовано 01.05.2017

    Excelente relação custo/benefício.


    24 0
  • grayone Опубликовано 27.04.2017

    Works as advertised. Managed to get it to connect with my IPCamViewer app. Takes a little more effort to get to the web server page and access it vs. the older 'Foscam' type IP cameras.


    25 0

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