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KW18 полный круговой экран сердечный ритм умные часы - черный

KW18 полный круговой экран сердечный ритм умные часы - черный

1,3-дюймовый TFT полный сенсорный экран IPS LCD, поддержка карты 16GB TF, 240 * 240 пикселей, MTK2502C, шагомер

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KW18 полный круговой экран сердечный ритм умные часы - черный

KW18 полный круговой экран сердечный ритм умные часы - черный

US$43,97 US$59,65 26%Скидка 5 (15)
KW18 Smart watch is a full circular touch screen smart watch, which is fully compatible with the android & IOS application functions,please see the detail function as below:

Main Parameter:
CPU: MTK2502C;
Memory: 128Mbit+64Mbit; support 16GB TF max. extending;
Display: 1.3 inch round screen IPS LCD; resolution: 240 * 240 pixel; 260000 colors
Touch screen: OGS Capacitive Screen, non-air-gap;
Bluetooth Version: Ver. 4.0;
Battery: 340mAh Polymer battery; Bluetooth connection  standby: >5 days; Normal use: > 1 days;
G-sensor: Yes, support pedometer, sedentary alarm, sleep analysis, gesture;
SIM card: Mini SIM card.

Main Functions:
Phone function: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 quad-bands; Dial, hands-free, call logs, contacts; Bluetooth phone call;
SMS: Local SMS; Bluetooth SMS;
Entertainment: Local MP3;Bluetooth music;
Phone calls reminding: Ring and vibration;
Clock face: Fashional clock faces; Click  to switch;
Anti-lost: Anti-lost alert;Bidirectional search;
Heart rate monitor: Yes;
Pedometer: Step records, Calories calculation, Distance calculation;
Sedentary alarm: Support;
Sleep analysis: Yes;
Photograph: Remote camera;
Alarm clock: Yes;
Calendar: Yes;
Stopwatch: Yes;
Calculator: Yes;
Bluetooth synced information: Yes (The notifications of all Apps of cellphone).

Main Selling Feature:
1. CPU MTK2502C, perfectly support both IOS and Android OS;
2. It's separated for watch case and watch bezel,but not one-off punching watch case, which makes it more upscale;
3. It's metal plating with anodic oxidation treatment for the finish, which makes it uniform color and fastness;
4. 1.3 inch IPS LCD round screen;
5. 2.5D radiant capacitive touch screen,OGS, non-air-gap, which makes it more upscale and comfortable wearing;
6. Side SIM/TF card slot,PATENT design for smart watches, which makes it characteristic and convenient;
7. Stratified cutting techniques for the tempering glass,which makes it more stereoscopic, anti-scratch, anti-broken;
8. Soft and nonhazardous watchband, the same materials to sex toys and baby products, comfortable wearing;
9. Fantastic design for UI, and customized is acceptable;
10. Accurate heart rate checking;
11. Magnetic charger;
12. Powerful functions such as pedometer, sleep analysis, sedentary alarm, calculator, heart rate, Siri, weather, remote camera, anti-lost 

The beauty of round screen keeps abreast of the times
The wonderful round screen shares every wonderful moment
By using sharp brand 1.3 inch AMOLED round screen with non-air-gap, KW18 has an awesome display as well as the hypersensitive touch,which can supply you the clear display even in the glare.
Also, KW18 is prolonged wear-resisting because of its sapphire crystal glass mirror surface fro its screen,which is similar to the screen surface of classic Swiss wristwatches.
① KW18 is created with scientific high precision
② To show the beauty of an exquisite art
③ This is the pursuit of perfection
④ Not only the pursuit of manufacturing
Metallic-feeling outstanding craftsmanship
- Being made with anodized aluminum, the watchcase is clear, robust and wear-resisting
- Thinner and to be thinner, even the least bit is our insistence
Cool fashion should be defined as elegant colors and fantastic user interfaces
① Golden
② Silver
③ Black
Good user experience for both iOS and Android OS
Carrying ultra-high performance CPU MTK2502C, KW18 has a fluent reaction speed under both IOS and Android OS
① iOS
② Android
Information Synchronization
You will never miss the information .
The Smartphone's notifications can be displayed on KW18 simultaneously,
such as the notifications of incoming call,
SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, email and other apps.
② Phone call
③ Facebook
④ Voice
Original Watchband, more comfortable and healthy.
Impeccable cutting, seamless connecting, dull polish, soft and nonhazardous TPU
Side two-in-one card slot
Patent design for card slot, TF card and sim crd are two-in-one communication anytime anywhere
Know your health at any moment
With the high accuracy heart rate sensor, you can know your heart rate anytime anywhere. Be your own immediate health steward. Enjoy your smart life.
Waterproof for daily life
Waterproof and dustproof design, easily satisfy all your requests of waterproof in daily life (No for swimming, bath and soaking)
Accurate steps data your sports mate
KW18 can record your steps and consuming calories while you are walking or running. You can define your goal for your steps to improve your health body.
Sleeping monitor
Sleep analysis care for your health with KW18, you can know your sleep quality including sleep time and sleep status,so that you can adjust your sleep
① Sleeping monitor
Deep Sleeping 6 Hours 20 Mins
Sedentary Alarm adjust your work status .
KW18 will alert the sedentary as your settings to ensure you have a healthy work habit.
① Sedentary Alarm
Reminder time 60 mins
Have a good rest after 1 hour work
After connecting KW18 and your smart phone via bluetooth,once the distance between kw18 and your smart phone exceeds 10 meters,both kw18 and your smart phone will be alerting.
Meanwhile ,they can find each other easily anytime
Functions list: Smart your life
1. Dialer
2. Messaging
3. Call logs
4. Contacts
5. Weather
6. Voice
7. Remote notification
8. Calculator
9. Remote camera
10. Fine my phone
11. Stopwatch
12. Alarm clock
13. Calendar
14. Music
15. Bluetooth
16. Heart rate
17. Pedometer
18. Desentary alarm
19. Sleep analysis
20. Recorder
21. Files
22. Themes
23. Video
24. QR code
25. Settings
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Real products picture
Real products picture
Количество1 кусок
Цвет формычерный
материалцинковый сплав + тпу
Процессорный процессорMTK2502C-ARM7
Тип сенсорного экранада
Версия Bluetoothbluetooth V2.1, bluetooth V4.0
Совместимая ОСОС Android и IOS
Тип батареиЛитий-ионный аккумулятор
Емкость батареи340mah
Время ожидания120 часов
Другие особенности
Другие особенностиMemory128Mbit + 64Mbit; поддержка 16 ГБ TF макс. Частотные диапазоныGSM850 / 900/1800/1900
Размер и вес
Размер 8.66 in x 1.77 in x 0.55 in (22 cm x 4.5 cm x 1.39 cm)
Вес 2.47 oz (70 g)
Упаковочный лист
1 * умные часы
1 * USB-кабель (125 см)
1 * Руководство для пользователя

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