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SKYZONE cielo-708 5.8GHz 7 \"FPV Antena 40CH Doble recepción HDMI DVR Entrada de video Pantalla-Negro

SKYZONE cielo-708 5.8GHz 7 \"FPV Antena 40CH Doble recepción HDMI DVR Entrada de video Pantalla-Negro

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SKYZONE cielo-708 5.8GHz 7 \"FPV Antena 40CH Doble recepción HDMI DVR Entrada de video Pantalla-Negro

SKYZONE cielo-708 5.8GHz 7 \"FPV Antena 40CH Doble recepción HDMI DVR Entrada de video Pantalla-Negro

US$130,22 US$145,68 11%DESCUENTO 0
Built-in battery 5.8 Ghz 40 CH double receiving DVR all-in-one
2016 new 7 inch built-in 5.8 G dual frequency diversity reception 40 display, ultra-thin HD, highlighting, with the function of DVR, 2800 ma, the built-in battery (recommended), with HDMI input interface.
SKY - 708 new aerial integrated display, built-in 5.8G high sensitivity receiver, screen resolution is 800*480, high bright, field display images in the sunlight
SKY - 708 FPV ultra bright figure and display parameters:
Built-in 5.8 Ghz 40 double Channel receiver (5 Group x 8 Channel)
Built-in DVR video (bring your own Micro SD memory Card)
The integration of design, built-in battery (not including the charger, built-in 5.8 GHZ true diversity wireless receive, to receive the best signal
• built-in AV output and external AV input, and HDMI inputs
Built-in high capacity polymer lithium battery: 2800 mAh / 7.4 V (draw)
• OSD display working status: RF channel work instructions
• support Chinese and English menu
Product size: 180 mm x 120 mm x 21.5 mm
Ultra light weight: 217 g (not including battery)
Cell size: 85 MMX 63 mm x 12 mm
• battery weight: 107 g
• input power: 7-16V DC
Charging current: 850 ma @ 12V
Working environment: -10℃~+ 65℃
• built-in true diversity wireless access, automatic frequency selection
• true diversity wireless receiving output
• can receive 2 RF signals at the same time
Using 5.8 GHz ISM band, to avoid the 2.4 GHz frequency interference
, it can display the built-in 5.8 GHZ wireless signals and the external input signal
• 5 frequency group, 40 channels, covering most of the 5.8 GHZ wireless devices
Built-in high capacity polymer battery, convenient for outdoor use
To search, easy to operate, a key signal
• OSD will work status displayed on the screen: grasp the equipment working status at any time
Screen size: 7"
Screen type: TFT LCD Screen/long life, LED backlight
Resolution: 800*480
Comparison: 500:1
Note: this display no charger
Safety Warning
·Keep it off the rain and humidity environment for preventing fire, electric shock and damage.
·Please use the recommend accessories only.
·Only the eligible person can repair it, don't disassemble the monitor. Battery
·Don't disassemble, throw, press, prick, cut, roast and fire the battery
·Don't make the metal product connect with battery terminal prevent short circuit.
·Don't use broken or leakage battery.
·Don't put it in the place where temperature is more than 65
·Keep it away from children
·Please change battery if the working time of it becomes short a lot suddenly; only use the same battery or similar battery suggested by producer.
·Please dispose the used battery comply with local law. Installation battery
·Press backward on the battery cover, and then pull the battery cover to remove it.
·Let the socket with gold point of the battery aim to gold slice of the battery bin, push forward, and press down the battery tail until enter into fully.
·Make bolt of the battery cover aim to the bolt hole and push it in, then press the button stand of battery cover .
·If don't use the battery, please use 728V power source. Battery charging
·Charging battery by 12V/2A power source .( Power adapter, PC or power-bank)
·When using the battery at first time, please use up the power then recharge the battery until full.
·Charge Led is red while charging and becomes green after fully charged.

Power On/Off ·Press the power switch till it turn on and the blue led light will be on. ·Press the power switch until it turn off. ·Please take out the battery if will not use for long time Operating mode ·It can work in RF,AVIN,HDMI IN,PLAYBACK mode ·Cant change working mode when it is recording ·In the RF preview mode, connect AV IN cable, it change to AV IN mode automatically, if connect with HDMI cable, and in the case of the monitor starts normally, and then it change to HDMI IN mode automatically. RF mode ·It is a diversity receiver and it will shows the better signal automatically according to the RSSI ·Short press for changing channel and short press the to change band Recording ·It is better to format the SD card when using the it in the first time (please look at the description part of Formatting in the end of the manual) ·It can record both in RF Mode and AV in Mode, the screen will show in normal preview mode, press to start recording and the <> is red. ·Press for taking picture and make hint sound when in Preview mode. (Cant take picture when recording). ·Normally the recording includes voice, turn off voice recording in the menu, then only record the video. Playback Function of keys when in Playback Mode (all the keys are for short press) ·Long Press enter into playback when in RF mode and AV IN mode ·REC Play/Pause/OK ·PHOTO Stop/return ·UP UP/ Fast forward ·DOWN Down/Zoom ·POWER Delete ·In playback mode, previewing the video picture or photos in the memory card directly , the upper- right corner will display 4 bit number of file name; if it is a video file, the record time of the video will be displayed under the file name. ·In the process of playing a video, press < fast forward / rewind > button ,it will play quickly in 2x, 4x and 8x speed, press button and it back to normal speed. When the playing is finished, picture stays in the first frame of the file, press < stop > and it returns to the preview state and can operates other actions or play again. ·When you browse the files in a storage card, if you want to delete a file, press < delete > when you browse to the file, it will pop up the menu, press to delete it ·The machine may not recognize other files rightly. HDMI input ·Can use the HDMI input high resolution video to get clearer picture. ·Support standard HDMI video resolution ( The highest input is 1920X1080/60Hz) ·It cant record in the HDMI IN mode. AV input ·When plug into AV IN cable, the wireless receiver will close automatically for saving power. ·Support NTSC/PAL video signal input. AV output ·AV out port outputs diversity video and audio signal. ·In playback mode, only support the NTSC format video output Display Ratio ·Video display ratio is 4:3 or 16: 9 choose it in the Display Ratio from Menu. ·The default model is 16:9, it always full screen display. Display orientation ·Flip Horizontal is Display-Mirroring and Flip Vertical is upside down displaying, can choose the display orientation from Menu. Please pay attention to that the screen logo will change accordingly. . Remote control ·The function should work with skysighthobby s sky-HD01 (high resolution DV) only, wireless controlling the sky-hd01 to take photos and setups by using the PPM training plug of remote control. ·The function should use 1 PPM channel, the default mode is CH5, and it also can set from CH5 to CH8. Automatic shutdown ·Automatic shutdown time can be set if necessary. ·When the setting time is arriving, it will shutdown automatically no matter in what kind of working situation. Format SD card ·Enter into menu system, choose Formatting ,press and start to setPress and choose< YES>, then press ,it will format ·Please do this carefully, because all the files will be deleted after formatting. Factory settings ·Enter into menu system, choose < Factory settings>Press and start to set ,pressand choose < YES>, pressand all the function settings return to the factory default state. Screen OSD Overview ·:It is red when recording · Photo: In the video preview state and press , it shows a red photo icon, means a photo is shoot. · Memory card icon: It is original color in normal condition; it will display a red logo when the card is full or wrong. ·Mode icon :RF mode, HDMI IN mode, AV IN mode, Playback mode · Mode: it will show this logo when connect with PC, in this mode, it can manage the content of the memory card by operate in the PC ·/ Play/Pause ·/Fast rewind/fast forward iconWhen doing the Fast rewind/fast forward, the corresponding speed is showing behind the icon. ·If you do not need the machine to display the power voltage, then set the power supply mode and screen displays the icon;If use the battery, you can set the voltage range of battery pack and the available range is: 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, and the screen displays the corresponding battery icon, is full power, is low power, is connected to the external power supply. ·RF modeDisplay current Band (A,B,E,F,Rand channel 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ·HDMI IN modeDisplay the current resolution and frame rate information

materialplástico + LCD creen
cantidad1 set
Modelo compatibleuniversal
Dimensiones y Peso
Dimensiones 7.24 in x 4.72 in x 0.85 in (18.4 cm x 12 cm x 2.15 cm)
Peso 7.65 oz (217 g)
Lista de Embalaje
1 x sky-708 Monitor de pantalla LCD de 7" , receptor 2 x antena de 5.8ghz 2 x cable de AV (33 cm) 1 x cable de recarga (111 cm) 1 x tarjeta de instrucciones en inglés

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