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zoom usb Customers Reviews

  • Good for the price

    posted by RaphaBR

    - Small and light - my hand fits gently into it
    - Haven't counted the framerate, but recording with a tripod makes a smooth and fluid video
    - Rotating screen
    - Nylon strap is extremely convenient
    - Appealing colour
    - Just a few sturdy buttons, so if you have big fingers like me you don't have to worry about pressing two or more by mistake
    - Nokia battery, easy to replace if necessary
    - Menus are easy to use and have a lot of features
    - Can be charged via USB
    I bought it along with a tripod and a 4GB memory card. Together, the three items are the solution for my home video needs.
    I bought this camera to record a few home videos and put them into Youtube. Good for my purposes.
    Don't expect advanced or even semipro quality. If you have the cash, go for a better device.
  • Gorgeous camera for its price

    posted by Blion

    - Its cheap
    - LCD display twists front and rear
    - Comes with a pouch case so you can carry it
    - You can use standard *AAA batteries if your rechargable battery runs out of power
    - Original battery fully charged lasts more than 1 hour, which is good for the price
    - front led light is good for shooting in the complete darkness.
    - Really small and easy to carry
    You should get a class 4 or superior SD Card. Sometimes with my Class 4 it says "CARD TOO SLOW" error.
    I don't know, it's cheap... I mean, it works fine outside in daylight and on vacations that should be enough. I know I had put too many cons but it's to help you out guys to don't get any negative surprise when you purchase this camera. I purchase 1 more for my mother once I got this, is not THAT bad, but don't expect a sony-quality camcorder. Just imagine you're recording with your cellphone but with a little better quality.
  • This one is very good cam

    posted by Davescz

    True 720P - you should use only 1280x720Good audioGood build qualityLots of accessoriesHuge setup options in menuSmaller than most of cameras
    This one is very good camera among the other camerasGives you true 720P video with good audioGreat performance in dark, direct sunlight
    Buy it, if you are looking for good built quality, small size, true 720P video with good audio and like to setup whatever you have in mind.
  • good fun ;-)

    posted by Zliko

    - works w/o drivers
    - solid (manual) magnification
    - picture decent on native, and not that bad on interpolation
    - fps is solid
    - leds can be turned off
    - videos can be recorded
    - snapshots can be done via software
    - drivers are hacked from logitech
    - mac osx users can use dinoscope software
    could be a little cheaper, i saw stronger magnification (400x) usb microscopes for 70-80$, other than that really fun ;-)
    usefull as: perfect gift for kids, micro soldering, chip inspection, scalp inspection (dandruff), trichomes on weed, money inspection, skin sweating (lie detector)...
  • Great microscope, poor tripod.

    posted by KreAture

    The built in illumination is very usefull.
    The supplied snapshot software works well and keeps track of the snapshots.
    Two zoom-levels work well and the focal range is good. There is also a slip-ring inside making the focus stay in place when not twisted so it won't accidentally be changed.
    With a tad better tripod, and a faster reaction to the snapshot button I'd give this product full marks!
    If you need a good usb microscope this is a good choice. Just don't expect the tripod to be worth much.

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