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zoom digital camera Customers Reviews

  • A Decent Digital Camcorder

    posted by thingkinfast

    A very compact, light-weight, camcorder. It can smoothly record 725x480 sized video. you can choose between 15 and 30 fps recording. it seems that when recording HD it doesn't feel 30 fps. Has 2 lights. the build quality is actually very good. The plastic is nice and glossy and sturdy. None of the plastic has any sharp edges.
    On other thoughts this uses a nokia battery. i don't know what to say about that. Kind of interesting. I have no idea on how this works because it feels like an empty plastic case, but, works like it should. Great for family and friends. This review doesn't have every con/pro for everything about it. There are more pro's than cons but i didn't list them all
    A great buy for only $40. I highly recommend this to you if your looking for a cheap digital camcorder. I bought this for myself as an x-mas gift.
  • Very good product and the cheapest!

    posted by kaschia

    Very thin camera and lightThe battery works for long timeIt looks like a very good quality productThe pictures are very good and clearIt works capturing smiles and facesA lot of languages working (I am using spanish)
    I bought another battery (as the cell phone) and it works fine, so is a very good option for travel and do not having the cable.I am very pleased with my new camera, and the price is minimal...
  • Great pocket camera.

    posted by Sigfa

    Really great camera. Awesome pocket size so it's always handy and ready to use. Doesn't consume that much battery so you don't have to charge it ALL THE TIME. I'm still getting used to it but it's pretty simple.
    Super comfortable to carry around. I have it in my bag at all times cause you never know when you'll need to take a picture. :P
    If you like to travel or just are a fan of photography this is a great camera for you. It might not have the best quality picture, but I think for its size and price it's pretty much ok...
  • Very cheap basic pocket camcorder.

    posted by Junnu

    * This one is cheap, even though not the cheapest around.
    * Fits in hand quite good.
    * Easy to use.
    * Nice TFT screen.
    * The battery is a Nokia BL-5B replica, so it's easy to find new one.
    * 1280x720p size with 15 or 30 fps.
    * 12 megapixel camera.
    For me this was a money well spent purchase. With it's pro's and con's. I got more than I expected, though was a little disappointed at the picture quality.
    With a good lighting, and adjusting the whitebalance preset by hand, you can get decent footage with this camera. With a pricetag like this, you can't get much more.
  • Great Camera

    posted by jhooovah

    - wide angle lens- time lapse (auto-capture)- 720p 60fps- lots of features and adjustment options in menu- good build quality- up to 32GB SD card memory- tons of mounts and cables included- battery, 2.5-3 hours record time
    I use this camera as a car dvr. I've been using it 5 days a week for over 6 months in both hot & cold weather and have had no problems. It's a little heavy to use as a helmet camera. I tried mounting it on the side of my helmet once and I clipped a tree going pretty fast. Its still working great!
    Good camera, great lens, good price


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