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zoom bike Customers Reviews

  • Nice

    posted by smasher

    * I've had it for almost two years and it still mostly works.* It's bright.* The strobe is nice for a front bike-light.
    The switch is a little wanky - Often the light will flicker between on and not-all-the-way-on.The bike-mount died. It's not made to deal with regular use, especially when you clamp down on the screw. There's a metal nut that chews through the plastic housing.
    Overall it's a great pocket-size light that lasts well for the price. If the battery carrier breaks, I'll replace it with a battery carrier from a $2-3 light.
  • Great- really great

    posted by rkapell

    + very good bulit quality (alloy) of the Front Lamp+ Nice charging System - extremely small+ Ring for focusing works great+ bright light+ Mounting System seems to hold on the Bar properly
    I am using it on my MTB and it works perfectly even after smoe rough roads. The lamp is to big to have it in the under seat bag with the other things - you have to take it with you on purpose
    Great lamp, acceptable light for the backside.Buy it!
  • Not Bad

    posted by nejvek

    To go from flood to throw you just slide the end of the light, it is not threaded so you can do it very quickly. The light is very bright and when in "flood" mode it is really spread out. The bicycle mount has a clip on it to make it easy and fast to take the light off.
    I have this strange obsession with flashlights and this one will go nicely with my collection.
    Cheap, Decent light. Not sure if I'll use on my bike though.
  • Good for price

    posted by kiborgas

    Good build quality, price and quality is wonderful. Is all aluminum. Surprised by the focus. It is simply flawless, focuses very well.
    A holder attached to the bicycle is not very reliable
    However I'm glad. It's really nice, high quality item, worth the money.
  • Nice lamp

    posted by Andariel666

    Very easy to mount on a bike, and also very easy to take out of the mount if you just need a flashlight after stopping. The battery life is good, means that the power consuption is not too high. The power switch seems to last for a while, the quality is good for this price.
    A two in one bike headlight and portable flashlight with sufficient light capacity. very convenient.
    good thing to buy

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