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  • led torch + battery + charger package

    posted by noobizfury

    Extremely bright, with 14500 battery of cause. Lightweight, compact size.
    The lens could be more scratch free. Greasing on the screw threads. Li-on battery is 900mah and charger is 2 vertical line pin (same as thailand plug); charge up to 4.2v @ 450mah.
    Delivery takes 9 days from guandong, china to singapore. Great package that comes with a bright torch for work (maintenance) that comes with rechargeable battery and charger.
  • Ideal for gift

    posted by JLOT1

    Very easy to use it, evem a kid can use without problems. With this product you can see incredibles details from the vary small world like sand, vegetable cells, some human cells, hair and etc.
    I think it could be cheaper or it could came with more extra itens.
    bought it to give as a gift, the person who I gived loved this product. This is ideal for childrens to, because with this kind of instrument can open his minds.
  • Great for the price

    posted by bluebanshee

    Nice looking finish. Nice clear lens on light and good threads. Light is very bright for the size and zooms quite well. Shines as far (nearly) as a 2 cell 18650 light but the spot is much smaller, maybe a quarter of the size and not quite as bright. Its brighter and shines further than my SIPIK68 light.
    A belt clip would be nice. An 18650 model in this light would be preferable
    Happy with the light. Little large for a 14500 light but its fine.
  • cheap and easy to use flashlight

    posted by streubel

    These flashlight are well finished, without any damage or scratches. They are very bright and it is good to be able to use them just with one AA-battery. The zoom possibility is just what i had looked for.
    For ths prize this flashlight is good. Quality and brightness are like I expeted to be.
    Everything alright. I ordered an additional one in another color.
  • A good flashlight to use every day.

    posted by Melkiyhant

    A well made metal housing (I have green model). The metal housing is thick enough that would be good heat from the stars of the diode, and easy to not feel it in the pocket. Coating smooth without ?????. material protection button has the property to accumulate light and shines in the darkness, which is very convenient. When working from the AA battery light is weaker, but the flashlight and not heated. Beam angle is wide enough, used to illuminate the space before him conveniently.
    Another, the quality of the lantern. Not willing to lose. Does not occupy a lot of space and is useful in the road.
    I advise you to buy. Compact, convenient flashlight.

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