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  • Great knives

    posted by tomas.b44

    -Great price for a whole set of knives-Holder looks nice and easy to slide in knives-Comes with blade protectors for each knife wich is handy if you dont want to use holder-reaaallly sharp and as long as you use them on a non glass cutting board they remain that way for a long time.-nice weight to them
    The peeler is virtually useless. I tried peeling an apple with it and it chewed the apple up. Other than that the knives are a really nice quality. Be sure to use on a proper cutting board(non glass) to keep the super sharp edge.
    If you're interested in buying a knife set these are really good!
  • Useful addition to the kitchen

    posted by StreetTriple

    Looks cool.Protective cover is nice to have.This gets more use than our steel knives now.The size is perfect for most chopping needs. e.g fruit, cheese, chicken (but keeping away from bone).Staying sharp so far.Handle keeps fingers away from blade which what put me off some of the cheaper ones.
    Sharpness seems slightly better than a sharp steel knife.Slicing some firm cheddar required about half the pressure on the ceramic knife v a steel knife.
    Would definitely buy again.The price is higher than others but you do get a better handle and mine at least was sharp.
  • Good

    posted by auraregis2

    All knifes are very good and help in the kitchen and in house.
    A nice stand to put the knifes al peeler.
    Use them, and keep them in your hands, is good.
    This is my first ceramic knives.
    Knives sharp and cut well.
    When we are satisfied with a product and there is more to say, 500 characters is too much!
    Its a good appliance for the kitchen and the house.
    When we are satisfied with a product and there is more to say, 500 characters is too much!
  • Sharp and Lightweight

    posted by alwynallan

    Inexpensive, scary sharp, dulled tip will prevent injury. Handle is large and comfortably shaped. Sheath is sturdy and holds securely.
    I'm looking for a lightweight knife for ultralight backpacking. I weighed this knife at 37g (sheath included). Most of the weight is in the handle. I may plane down the handle to reduce the weight by half. I'll also drill a lanyard hole.
    I'll use it in the kitchen to get used to it. After I modify it it will meet my (extreme) weight requirements. I hike five days with a 5kg pack so every gram counts. 3kg is food.
  • A must have knife

    posted by pincoto

    Excellent knife, very sharp, ideal for cutting vegetables and fruits . Use wooden or plastic pad. Not suitable for frozen goods.
    I really like the knife, that is why I have ordered for second time and would probably buy this again. Also have bought the same set for my family and for some of my friends and they all love it.
    I would buy definitely again and recommend

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