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zirconia ceramic knife

These cool zirconia ceramic knife are high quality and at affordable prices. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Try browsing ceramic knife yellow, ceramic knife green. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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zirconia ceramic knife Customers Reviews

  • One of the best ceramic knife on DX

    posted by uraha

    The handle, it's makes the knife feels so natural in your hands. It feels like an extension to your fingers. haha I might be exaggerating a bit but it does feel good to hold. It's so grippy so it wont slip when there is water. The ceramic blade is very sharp like it should be. It terms of sharpness it's probably the same as my other ceramic knife I own
    The packaging for the knife is study but too big in my opinion.
    Get this knife if you need something small to cut fruits. It's great for cutting apples. So smooth.
  • Sharp and Lightweight

    posted by alwynallan

    Inexpensive, scary sharp, dulled tip will prevent injury. Handle is large and comfortably shaped. Sheath is sturdy and holds securely.
    I'm looking for a lightweight knife for ultralight backpacking. I weighed this knife at 37g (sheath included). Most of the weight is in the handle. I may plane down the handle to reduce the weight by half. I'll also drill a lanyard hole.
    I'll use it in the kitchen to get used to it. After I modify it it will meet my (extreme) weight requirements. I hike five days with a 5kg pack so every gram counts. 3kg is food.
  • Very nice, very sharp knife

    posted by KapPanika

    Very, very sharp knif. It cut easy all vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese and so on. It don`t need to sharpen a knife. Price is amazing, in Russia such ceramic knife cost 20 dollars and more.
    I will buy more ceramic knifes whith DX. I need more long knife, for meat, fish, bread for example.
    Strongly recommended
  • Nice Knife

    posted by LamKaYau

    Cheap, sharp and slightly heavier than other long knives. I use it to dice up vegetables and cut meat, and I am very impressed. Being slightly heavier has the advantage of not needing a lot of force while cutting. The handle has a small area of anti-slip feature next to the blade which has a semi-circle cut-out to accomodate the index finger to improve the grip. Overall I find the handling of this knife very good.
    The handling of this knife is superb
    Buy it to add your collection of ceramic knives. I already have 3, one 4-inch, one 6-inch and this. Each has its own function. I like to use this one to dice up vegetables, very handy.
  • Amazing ceramic knife

    posted by wikolii

    This is a great deal.The knife is very light and sharp as hell.Almost too comfortable on one's hand, can cut through tomato skin like no other (if you know what i mean)
    Never use these on a hard surface as stone, ceramic plates or anything hard.Use only on plastic, wood or other smooth surfaces.
    Buy it, it's a GREAT deal.This was my first ceramic knife.I'm buying a larger one now.


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