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zippo lighter fuel

The zippo lighter fuel your looking for is one of our top sellers. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

zippo lighter fuel Customers Reviews

  • Genuine Zippo

    posted by kansav

    -Well, it´s a really beautiful lighter-I´m from Argentina, and it´s very difficult here to get one of these at this owesome price-It´s a genuine Zippo. I compared it with another one from a friend who payed for it much more than the double-Came with a life-warranty from Zippo, if you break it you can send the lighter to them and they repair it for free!
    The wait was long because of the mail service in my country, but still, owesome deal.
  • Its a zippo, what else?

    posted by d00dlez

    Its a zippo. You can expect an excelent built quality, and everything zippo's offer.It came in a box with the lifetime warranty paper and a manual.I am suprised that the fuel last around 2 weeks with some daily usage! I had a lighter that didn't go past the 5 days lolThe price is also a plus. Around here you get them for 30+ euros.Note that I am also using original zippo fuel.
    Its a great lighter with a lifetime warranty. If you want one, do not look further!
    It a superb lighter for everyone that love zippos!
  • white zippo

    posted by Witzz

    original zippo product, comes with box and papers, got hose significant click when you open it. unique white color
    It comes in a box, so you can buy it as a gift for a friends. also, if you have painting gift, you can decorate it yourself and have trully unique one
    need zippo? wanna be special? get it. it's unisex, so also good for present/gift
  • Great Product

    posted by darthdredge

    • Genuine Zippo (at least as far as I can tell - it has the right markings)• Excellent quality• Has that distinctive "Zippo Click" - more evidence it's genuine• It looks cool• Arrived in perfect condition (not damaged by shipping)
    As always, the shipping takes a very long time
    A great product, you will not regret buying it
  • Very beautifull zippo

    posted by LuizAraujo93

    Real zippoHave a lot of styleVery different and hard to find one (in Brazil, at least)Makes the real clickAll quality of zippoA family-jewel lighter
    Tape is there, so the box can't open, but when this thing is pulled out, it makes the box look like a crap. Why not put a plastic between the tape and the box?
    A cool gadget, it's a shame that against-tobbaco laws makes this item shine a little bit less than it was use to do in the past. Smokers know zippo's click, when you open one of these, all of peoples in the place turn their heads. Awsome union between moder style, and tradition. One of the most beautiful zippos


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