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zippo fuel fluid lighter

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zippo fuel fluid lighter Customers Reviews

  • The real thing

    posted by Bas2ct

    It is a genuine Zippo, with the lifetime guarantee. Fuel up and go!Nice old-school looking print on one side.The price is great! In the Netherlands (and probably most other European countries) the price would at least be twice (if not three times) as much.Lasts about two weeks with a filling of (original Zippo) fuel.I smoke (too much), and use it about 15-20 times a day.
    Use it with original Zippo products for best experience. I tried the Zirpo flints (sku 4063) and it sucked. The flints where too small in diameter, causing the flint to buckle and resisting striking sparks. I would use the flint about 1/3, turn it around and again 1/3. After that use a new flint because it is inoperable. They spark, but suckey.
    Buy it if you need a good, trustworthy lighter.Use genuine Zippo replacement items.
  • damn fine zippo

    posted by dymazzle

    this is feels and looks like a geniue zippo lighter with all tags and marks correctsince its so cheap i was kinda uncertain. but its very nice. even the well known click sound is right.
    im really pleased with mine! - and i hope its new owner will be just as pleased haha
    well this zippo looked so good it actually got stolen from me short after hahah well i wouldnt bat an eye about re-purchasing it
  • The genuine one

    posted by JenTri

    It's a lot cheaper than what you pay here (Europe) for the same thing. The format fits perfect in my pocket (better than the regular format). The quality is what I expected: Very good. Strong made, no scratches in paint. And last but not least: it looks awesome in the matte black with red border!
    This is not te regular format, but te slim format. This means that it's smaller than an regular Zippo. So if you want the regular format, this is the one: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/genuine-zippo-copper-fuel-fluid-lighter-black-81325
    The real thing, but a lot cheaper... So buy it if you need!
  • verry good

    posted by sebastianmendez

    *looks verry nice,*the price is very good, the same zippo costs where i live around 30euro's *came in a very beautiful case. so perfect as a christmas gift * i think it genuine*high build quality *and it came with a life time waranty so if its broken you can geth another one for free. and i called a store here in belgium and they told me that i even didnt have to send it to hong kong i can just bring it to there store and they can replace it for me.
    the finger prints on the chrome chell are a hell to geth off
    a very good purchase. a nice collectible item. would buy another one if needed
  • Excellent - Real Zippo

    posted by Kizuite

    Solid Make - Official Zippo. Peices are all marqued with the oficial zippo seal. Zippo Sells the exact same one off of their own website for about 10$ more. However they are identical.USMC crest is very nice and shiny and it's nearly impossible for it to fall off accidentally as it isn't some cheap sticker that was put on a normal vanilla zippo to immitate the USMC one.
    This is the real deal. Used it for a looong time and I love it.
    Buy them by the truckload.


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