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  • Not the ones I looked for but they fit my current needs

    posted by aebch

    - The price is great.- They all seems to we right.- I used some of them and they all worked well.- They are hard to find in my place, and three times more expesives so great for you.
    There are more types of wire markers like unique wire markers. I would be fine to find some of these types in DX store.
    Buy them if you need a sheap sollution but check the available space need for their markers.
  • Cheap Zip Ties

    posted by Rexregnorum

    Very easy to use; Nice fit so it won't open itself; Good quality; neutral color; Good bend, do not break;
    It's just ordinary Cable zip ties; the circumference of your cables can not be more then 5cm; 800 pieces (I have not counted) should last a while; you can zip together about 6 to 8 cables;
    They work like they should and they're cheap
  • A lovely tie

    posted by MimMonster

    It's very easy to put on and the zipper works fine. It's a very feminine tie. I like it a lot. Overall quality is good.
    It's quite small, which makes it very feminine. Good for me, as I'm a lady, but I don't think a man should be wearing this tie.
    A nice tie. Shinier than in the picture, but that doesn't make it less nice or stylish. Also quite feminine. I think I will be wearing this a lot.
  • Easy smart-casual style

    posted by BGR02

    The tie is very easy to use, opens and closes as designed and described. Looks nice and if worn under a vest or sweater doesn't give away it's "Zip Up" nature
    Nothing to add.
    It's a good buy if you want to add some color/style to your casual outfit, definitely not a tie for a white shirt formal style.
  • Cheap and does what it needs to do

    posted by lambrassie

    For these kinds of products, the main thing is the quality of the zip closure. So far, I used 4 of them to tie a cable to a pillar and it does what it should do. It is easy to close and long enough to fit around a larger item so I'm very happy with it!
    As they are very long, you don't need many of these ties so 50 pieces are sufficient.
    Could be cheaper but still a good deal for long ties, which can be used in a variety of situations!

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