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zinc alloy sword

Every single zinc alloy sword displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.

zinc alloy sword Customers Reviews

  • Product meets the needs beyond the expected.

    posted by Zeanor

    excellent product,I really liked the product, the finishing touches are great number of the recorded part in stainless steel rod also has great quality, it is not only acceptable but a product of very good quality, I was pleased to conprar this intem to open my mail envelopes . It was a great buy I recommend everyone to buy this small sword stainless steel finished well to open their mail. I am very pleased. DX Thanks for providing this satisfaction.
    Buy more of this product to resell to my clients.
  • open envelopes like a boss!

    posted by targumon

    * high quality (light but firm)* looks very good (when my wife saw this on the website, she thought it looks cheesy. after getting the delivery, this ended up on HER desk...)
    * could be nice if a base/holder/stand/whatever was included. this is not just for aesthetic reasons (to display it and make it look even cooler) but also for practical ones (in a household with kids, you don't want this wandering around).* open the package from DX only after you left the post office - otherwise the security guard might think you just drew a weapon.
    Buy this if you open a handful of letters each week and while doing so you want to feel like you're in the Game of Thrones.
  • WoW like sword

    posted by Rambaron

    Feels solid and looks nice as a decoration sword. Like another user here, I placed them with my alcohol collection to class it up. The swords are longer than I originally anticipated but I am not complaining. Also this swords resembles WoW mini swords. Seem to be made out of stainless steel so no rust should form.
    If these would come with some sort of stand, it would make displaying them a lot easier or even offered as a separate item
    Worth the money if you like sword collecting or need to spice up something in your house.
  • Beautiful and Quality

    posted by murthytondin

    I actually buy it to decorate my bedroom. It is very nice and beautiful. The material is very good and the hilt has a good finish. I am happy with my new purchase.
    "Ease of Use" and "Usefulness" fields are not applicable, since I will not use it, just display. I am thinking somehow to hang it on the wall.But it's a letter opener right? So I decided to try open one. The result was not what I expected, maybe because I do not know how to open a letter with it.
    No more to say on this product.

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