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  • Nice pillow/doll.

    posted by zxMarce

    Great for kids that love cats.The blue cover has two pressure buttons to easily take it off for laundry.It looks like it's well made. It came in a big pouch, completely unharmed.
    The pillow can be used as either a pillow or a plush toy doll. It's up to the kid.
    Nice, well made, not harsh-coloured, get one.
  • Great Product

    posted by rasapi

    Excelent product, it's a very well made 1/72 reproduction of a Tiger Tank. Has sound effects for the engine, tracks and turret movement. Also when it fires, the tank make a small recoil. It's a great replica and pretty accurate replica.
    Part of the packaging of my tank was crushed during shipping. And the "commander" in the turret ended up bend. But the rest of the tank came without any problem and it works perfectly. I really wish if DX could be more careful when packing this kind of items.
    Is very funny and I will recommend it for all the R/C tanks enthusiast. I am really looking forward to buy another one an play a little "war game" with them
  • This is the only toy that has made anyone burst out in laughter

    posted by Kozonak

    Easy to activate, small enough to be hidden somewhere.The voice is really funny and anyone I used this on just burst out laughing.
    Maybe add a button/switch to adjust sensitivity of the microphone/disable movement.
    Really fun toy, lots of laughing and happy people :)
  • Cute giraffe

    posted by gabizago2

    It is very cute The price is good considering the size and qualityIt can stay standing without bouncing the neck or something like that (and I say that as the owner of a giraffe collection in which half of them can't stay standing with their necks straight up)
    It can be cute decorating baby (and adult) bedroomsIt's a good present for giraffe loversThe back legs are bended, so the giraffe stays seated.
    If you are in doubt, buy it. :) The price is good, the giraffe is cute, the size is ok (not too big, not too small) and the quality is ok.
  • Light and fun toy car for a 3-8 years old child.

    posted by delwar

    The car is light weight and have a geeky designed outlook. I think most of the people will love it as it can easily remind me of my childhood. The remote is quite handy when you play with it. And easily adjust in a new hand.The basic function of the car is easy. Just turn on and off the switch to rollover on the ground or climb a wall. What I loved most about this is the order processing and delivery time.
    The car can be more realistic but I guess that would increase the price. More color variation of the product will be welcome.
    Overall I am satisfied with the order and the quality. In the price I think this is a great deal.

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