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yellow led module

You will be surprised our best yellow led module with an artful design and an amazing price. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. You can also browse the arduino led module, led strip module, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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yellow led module Customers Reviews

  • One very bright strip light

    posted by UOWDMC

    Very very bright. I took it around with a drill battery wowing everyone in the office with how bright such a small thing could be.Now I will go install it in my server closet where it will serve as the main light.Being a 12V unit, I can run it off the 12V back rail and don't need to get the electrician to install it.Has screw-holes at each end for good attachment.Nice big solder pads.
    Just what I needed.
    If you need a bright strip of light on 12V, this is it.
  • Good product

    posted by DanBrno

    Very bright light prom it, its very pleasantly. Color be perfect not blue, not green, not yellow. As sun on noon. Light is Strong as 60-75W standard bulb. Have mount hole for srew and one hole for wire in center of PCB-perfect for bulb usage.
    Be carefull about you eyes if you test it. Light is very sharp.
    Good, buy it, but use a cooler and good led driver
  • Bright Warmtone Light Strip

    posted by processman

    Very Bright Warmtone Light Strip . Possibility to dim the light level through special dimm circuit (Current Regulator with LM317)is very usefull. I use it as work desk lamp.
    Very good warm tone color for desk top lighting .good homogene light emission , Only 9. . 10 Watts power consumption but light like 80 W incandescent bulb. Dont look inside it when it lighis at max. power it may disturb your Eyes and over all u see it "I" 's
    I can recommend it for especially those people Who needs bright desktop lamps. Good replacement for 20W fluorescent lighting.
  • Good loght but TRUE 3W NOT 10W!

    posted by bigbobanCZ

    Good cold white light, it works on common 12V voltage. It has homogeneous light so you cannot see every single led inside.
    I think description is invalid it is only 3W not 10W and 1000lm is surely also invalid. So price could be lower.
    It is easy to solder wires, led are covered by silicone. Dealextreme should fix invalid specifications.
  • Perfect for ceiling lighting

    posted by TechJunkie2

    Nice very bright light output and nice colour temperature. Leaning very slightly towards yellow it emitts a light similar to that of an incadesant light bulb. I have installed it inside a ceiling light that I purchased from Ikea (2.99). After stripping out the electrics the LED disc could be perfectly seated/Glued with themal paste) onto the metal structure of the light housing. This along with a 15w constant current regulator SKU186293 (Glued in place with epoxy putty) provided a perfect replacent for a 60w incandescent light bulb. It's been running for 3 months now with no over heating problems (Just the light housing to disapate heat) and provide enough light to fill my large bedroom.
    perfect replacement for incandescent light bulb.
    This is a high poered array of LED's housed on the same substrate. It gives of a lot of light (not to be looked at directly) and requires diffusion. Get this if you know what your doing and are handy with a soldering iron. You won't be disapointed


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