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  • Great toy for young children

    posted by breitb72

    Great price and reasonably good action video capture. It seems to be very durable. Lots of attachments to connect it to helmets, bikes, skateboards, etc.
    My kids loved using this camera. They dropped it and bumped it and it kept on working. They made some good action videos. Too bad we couldn't get the date and time stamp to turn off. I couldn't find it in the manual. I have had a lot of experience at reading Chinese translated to English. This one was one of the more challenging manuals to read.
    Very good price as a toy for young children or teens. If you are a serious action video enthusiast, you may want to pay a little more money and get more features.
  • Precise

    posted by Zanga2

    - It is a very good kitchen scale with 1g precision scale.- I have tested it against more expensive ones and have found that this one is very accurate.- It has "tare" function so you can subtract the weight of the tray or plate or any other container. - It's is also of great help when preparing recopies because it's converting function from g to oz to lb.- The included tray is very useful.
    - It came very well packed and it's made from good quality materials and it also has battery included, so it will simply run just out of the box.
    - It's built from good quality materials, it's precise, has tare function and unit conversion. If you need one it's worth buying.
  • Complete and sturdy infrared meter

    posted by ragp86

    Good quality and aesthetics. Very easy to use and a very broad temperature range. Also good ratio of spot size vs. measuring distance (1:12)
    Use it to measures temperature differences of exhausts on my motorbikes.
    Considering the price this is a very complete infared meter for a wide range of use
  • Great Price to Performance ratio.

    posted by DimitrisBiza

    Wide range of temps.Celcius and Faregheit mesuring.Spontanius reading of the temp.
    I could'n thought a better buy than that item.
    A very good priced IrThermometer.Everything i wanted for my wood fired oven and more!I can use to monitor the seeling and bottom of the oven.I can monitor my pc's motherboard temp.
  • Great product better price !!

    posted by Turkeyslapa

    If you are after a top of the range amperage meter than look no further! fluke in my opinion make the best there is. Normaly they attract a much bigger price tag so this is a bargin! also comes with leads and the ability to measure voltage, so if your in the electrical game this makes a great addition to your testing eqipment.
    very happy over all
    You will not get better value for money any where ! trust me I looked !

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