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yellow bulb Customers Reviews

  • Good sources of bright yellow light!

    posted by PotentM1

    Active emitter area is very small - almost a point source of light.The yellow light seems to be nearly monochromatic. The light looks very similar to the light put out by a low pressure sodium bulb - a fairly pure yellow.I can't measure lumens accurately but I can believe their 45 lumen rating.
    Much easier to work with if you mount these to star boards. DX has some good ones SKU= 101147.
    Great for the do-it-yourselfer who wants yellow light. Maybe would work as fog lights or bug lights??
  • Nice cool white light

    posted by vforro

    4W low power consumption.Instantly turns on.Strenght of light equal to at least as a 25W traditional lightbulb.
    Ordered 3 of these and use it on a lamp with 5 led bulbs for testing the colors. 2 of them are 3500K light color, but these 3 cool white are far better in my opinion for any purpose. The 2 3500K will be replaced for 7500K in the future, no doubt about that. For bigger rooms order rather more W leds. For a 3 x 9m room though 5 of these is for me enough.
    Very good white light. If you need more not necessarily very powerful light sources, this choice is good.
  • Great item when you fix it!

    posted by aigarslv

    Its bright, also when turned off it does not give out yellow tint unlike standart bulbs..
    Maybe glue it as soon as it arrives...
    maybe there is something better? or maybe not.. Price could be lower.
  • Great lamps

    posted by tiec01

    The lamps came packed in a nice rugged box and arrived with no problems at all. I use 4 of this bulbs in the lamps on the roofrack of my car. Sea of light and for 9 dollars a set, its cheaper than normal 55w H3 lamps.
    I measured the lamps and they are indeed around the 100W. A couple thing to keep in account, the lamps are getting quite hot (100W so it will generate heat). For four bulbs you need a big relay and fuse, 40 amps (i ran a powerline directly from the battery). And the light is yellow, this might not be allowed in your country.
    Really nice set of lamps for less money than that i buy normal bulbs in my country.
  • Great color of light

    posted by damirfajic

    Great product, very nice color of light they produce. Same like on cars with factory xenon lights. Great visibility on rain and fog (much better than 6000K bulbs). Very good build quality (ceramic part around glass and metal part at bottom, like halogen bulb)
    I recommend everyone, who wants to buy xenon bulbs, to buy these, with these temperature of color (4300K), becouse they are great at rain, in headlight with lens. All best
    Great bulbs for this price

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